Thursday, September 25, 2014

September 24, 2014

[Note: Davis responded to 4 questions:
1. What is your companion's name?
2. Where is he from?
3. Do you have everything you need?
4. What is your mail code for the MTC so you can receive letters or packages?]
Hi Mom,


1. Elder L
2. Talahassee Florida
3. Nope, I need some more work out shorts (2 pairs more would do) some more work out shirts (two more will do) some more non church socks ( probably 4 more pairs, one of the short no show socks and 3 of the socks that are a little long, ya know what I'm talking about) A new pair of church shoes (The brown pair I have really hurt my feet and are just super uncomfortable, can you please get me a nice slim pair of shoes that are still that nice brown color?) Can you also send me those bird stamps I have? That's all I can think of now.
4. I posted it on my facebook, [It is posted on the sidebar of this blog.] and also post on my profile that people can use dear elder and I'll get the letter the same day. That would be nice.

Yay Mom! I'm glad school is going well for both you and Nathaniel, send me a picture of him running when you get the chance. I play soccer right across the BYU stadium during my gym time. I'll have to go over sometime and take a picture.

I love the MTC, It is such a lovely place to strengthen your testimony. I'm going to the Temple today! Exciting! Spanish is awesome! I'm doing so well! Right now I'm the district leader which is awesome! love my district and my testimony is strong. I'm almost out of time but I love you mom! I love you and I love Dad and I love Nathaniel. I sent dad some goofy pictures. Elder G is the one standing on the table in one of them, he's in my room and a good friend of mine already. He'll be going to BYU too when he gets back.

I love you Mom! I'll write a letter today. I wrote one yesterday too!

I love you Mom! Miss you!
(Saw a magpie today...awesome!)



Love you.

Elder Garner

Hola mi padre,

Walter Mitty is a good movie, it's good that you have K. as a
replacement son, now it's like Nathaniel has another twin (besides W.).
The food at the MTC is the worst hahaha! If you know what I mean! It's
really easy for me to eat healthy though because my companion eats really
unhealthy food all the time. I just look at him and then get something good
to eat hahaha, weird how that works. Yes, send me a picture of my bike via
letter, so it's all glossy and nice. All of the elders in my district are
going to the Monterrey Mexico West mission as well. we have 3 sisters in
our district that are leaving monday because they were supposed to go to
other MTCs in the first place. They have helped us stay motivated but once
they leave we need to take it up a notch and motivate our selves. I've been
called to be the district leader, and I really enjoy it. The Branch
Presidency is really nice too, super supportive. The spanish is going well
also. I sent a letter in the mail so it should get there soon. I'll try to
send those whenever I can, because I don't have to wait for P-day to write
them and they are just easier to put more time into. The MTC is hard work,
but I'm doing a lot of studying and having a good time too. Alright I've
gotta email everyone else.

Hasta luego mi papa, te amo.


Day One: MTC

The MTC is super great already. All of the elders in my class are going to the exact mission that I am going to (8 missionaries) and I am very excited. Can you send me instructions on how to wash all of the different types of clothes and such? Also, my navy blue dress pants got kind of folded weird, do I iron it or just let it unfold out by wearing it? I've gotta go but I can email on my first P-day which is next Thursday!

Love you!


Elder Garner, Chris, and Nathaniel at the airport.

Note: Davis entered the MTC in Provo, Utah on Wednesday, September 17, 2014 to begin his two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  He will spend 6 weeks in the MTC learning spanish, studying scriptures, and getting used to being a missionary before he goes to the Mexico Monterrey West Mission on October 27, 2014.  His weekly email messages will be posted here for friends and family to read.  They will be edited to remove personal communication intended only for his family, and any identifying information about individuals with whom he comes in contact while on his mission.