Sunday, December 6, 2015

2015.11.30 Independencia

Drawing of the district by Davis

Hi Mom!

Well looks like Thanksgiving was a blast! I´m sure thankful that I´m here in the mission, and I´m very thankful that I have such a loving mother, a funny dad, and a brother who wears skinnier jeans than I ever wore.

This week, what happened...Well We have an investigator named J, I believe I have mentioned. He´s old and he´s fraile and he can´t see very well, and he´s sick and he doesn´t remember things...BUT he wants to get baptized, and he has felt moved to finally make that decision in his life. We try to teach him and everything, but he doesn´t remember hardly anything. He has listened to the missionaries before, and had recieved basically all of the lessons. but back then he didn´t want to get baptized. All I know is that he has humbled himself and repented of his sins, and wants to be baptized. He tries to obey the commandments and doesn´t have any problems with them, so he will probably be baptized this week!

Elders in the district before tree cutting service project.
Elder T in a tree with a machete.

Elders after service project with machetes, limbs intact.

We have been working hard in this area, and it is tough to find people who want to listen, even harder to find people who want to progress, but we have had some lessons this week that were full of the spirit, and that is what I really liked the most. It is great to see the spirit working in the person during the lesson, it often changes the whole outcome of the lesson. We taught one lady who was a bit skeptical at first, she had listened to us two times before and he had brought some members to come with us. The lesson was very powerful and at the end she said, tearing up "I´m in good hands, I´m with good people."

Now it´s December, that was fast. That´s about all that happened. Tell Aunt Sue that I don´t really see any birds in the area that I´m in because it´s really urban.
I´ll send some pictures that I couldn´t send last week.


Elder Garner
Found a Utah license plate in Monterrey.

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