Monday, April 4, 2016

2016.03.28 Huasteca

Dear Mom,

Looks like everything is just Peachy! I`m pretty peachy myself, or if I were to express myself in the spanish tongue, Duraznoso!...(?) That`s pretty cool that you went to Anacapa and saw peregrine Falcons and stuff. The last time I saw a peregrine falcon was in Cienega de Flores. They are Western gulls. That`s nice that the missionaries say thanks and mom. When the members with little kids give us rides and I sit in the back, they need to open the back door for me because it has a child lock, so I say "Gracias papá."

Anyway this week was Super awesome. Elder G and I got along right off the bat and started to work very hard. on every bus that we would get on we would sit next to people and start sharing the gospel with them. We had a lot of success with the members and there are many investigators that are reading the Book of Mormon, and that gets me really excited because they are studying it honestly and reading with true intent, and I have a lot of faith that soon they with receive a testimony respectfully. I`ll tell you one sad thing, that hardly anything was mentioned of Easter this week. In the sacrament meeting it was all about general conference, with is very good (and I am very ready for it as well, and we have been helping the investigators to get ready as well.) but there wasn`t much talk of Easter, dang. It was kind of weird that yesterday was Easter though. But anyways, we are working very hard and praying fervently so that these investigators we are teaching can know for themselves of the truth. We are teaching a 14 year old boy, a lovely family of 5 with kids between 21 and 13, another lovely family of  5 with kids between 9 and 11, and the wife of a less active member and an older man. Some have tough challenges, others have a couple of doubts, but we all know that there is nothing that the atonement of Christ can`t do to help them. There was a scripture in 1 Nephi 20 (Isaiah 48) that goes with this:

10  For,  behold,  I  have  refined  thee,  I  have  chosen  thee  in  the  furnace  of  affliction .

He chooses to help us in the midst of affliction, and he even gives us that strength to believe in his name, and to follow his example so that the power of the atonement is applied in our very own lives. I have confidence in what the scriptures and prophets have said to us.

This is going to be a pretty busy week. We are going to the Temple this Wednesday (I was happy that we didn`t change our p-day to that day so we could wash our clothes.) We have a leadership conference this Friday, and then General Conference this weekend. I`ll try to share something very uplifting next week. I hope that it is a story about the investigators!

Anyway, tell the Oklahoma Missionary and Brother Parry that they should be friends (Territory folk should stick together...)


Elder Garner

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