Sunday, April 24, 2016

Huasteca 2016.04.11

Dear Mom,
Well Elder G is from Lyndon Utah, he is "a cool cat from the alley in back" as they say down here in Monterrey (they really don`t say that.) I don`t know what else to tell you about him, he`s a really good friend, and since I knew him from the MTC once we got put together we just started working, I didn`t need to get to know him because I already knew him.
Oh yea, Thanny is a sophmore now, huh, hudda thought. Why did dad call him sanyo in an email he sent me? hmmm. [The answer is that the phone thinks Sanyo is autocorrect for Thanny.]
This week we had another super duper work week, but we didn`t get the results we had hoped for. None of our investigators came to church. We had great experiences with them in this week and all, one of them told us that they had recieved a testimony and was really excited to be baptized. Turns out that that youth had to change schools because he couldn`t pay for the other and so he is going to school on friday saturday and sunday. (I really don`t know how the school systems are here.) But he`s trying to look for a way to change and go to church, and the ward is helping alot as well. The other investigators were very commited to go, so something must have happened. Others, I imagine, just slept in. But we did have someone in church that we didn`t know before. A less active family came that the ward has been working with (that I didn`t even know where they lived) came, and the husband is not a member, but was going to get baptized but couldn`t because of work or something. He told us that they are going to try and go every sunday now, so that was a nice blessing we recieved.
We had interviews with President Mcarthur this wednesday, and after the interviews with the whole zone we did divisions with him in our area until we had to go to a meeting with the Stake President in the evening. I went with President McArthur and we visited a couple of people, and it was a very good experience, he loves testifying about the doctrine of Christ and eternal families. He would tell the investigators that I`m a very good singer.
I did find a very interesting scripture that prophisies(? ayuda vocabularia por favor) the coming of Christ, but also gives a very good description of the Holy ghost and the way to judge: 2 Nephi 21:1-4
  And  there  shall  come  forth  rod  out  of  the  stem  of  Jesse , and  branch  shall  grow  out  of  his  roots.
  And  the  Spirit  of  the  Lord  shall  rest  upon  him,  the  spirit of  wisdom  and  understanding the  spirit  of  counsel  and might,  the  spirit  of  knowledge  and  of  the  fear  of  the  Lord;
  And  shall  make  him  of  quick  understanding  in  the  fear of  the  Lord;  and  he  shall  not  judge  after  the  sight  of  his eyes,  neither  reprove  after  the  hearing  of  his  ears.
  But  with  righteousness  shall  he  judge  the  poor,  and reprove  with  equity  for  the  meek  of  the  earth;  and  he  shall smite  the  earth  with  the  rod  of  his  mouth,  and  with  the breath  of  his  lips  shall  he  slay  the  wicked.
Anyway, that`s all I got for this week. I love you all! Eat your floss and sunscreen your teeth, and apply vegetables when it`s sunny! (Lo digo con mucho cariƱo a ti mama)
Elder Garner

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