Monday, June 20, 2016

2016.06.20 Nuevo Laredo

Dear Mom!

Isn´t it so exciting that I´m here in Nuevo Laredo? The chapel is on a small hill and I can see the US-Mexico Border from there. (One of the areas is the direct border.) So let me tell you some of the differences from Monterrey. First, besides that tiny little hill where the church is, this place is flat! flat flat flat. Second, it´s HOT! Oh wow it´s hot! It´s hotter than Monterrey, and we are just entering into the canicula (the 40 hottest days.) Also, we study until 10am, then we start to preach, and we have to be inside at 8pm, which is much sooner before it gets dark. Elder L and I share a house with 2 other missionaries, who are in the ward (One is a new missionary that I met in the offices that loves birds almost as much as I do, so that´s neat) And we live on the second floor, above the Stake President. As you might have heard, the mission rules for dress and apperal in Mexico recently changed, and they now allow us to wear modest sunglasses and hats. I opted for the sunglasses, because the sun is just killer here. A lot of the members go over to the states so it is pretty easy for me to send things to you guys.

Well it took a while for you guys to find out that Independencia was dangerous, but I guess I couldn´t expect to hide that the border was, dang (well duh)

Anyway this place is awesome. The ward, the stake is super hard working, and it was honestly a weird first week for me, just adjusting and such, but I´m super stoked to be here and to be with my Compadre Elder L. He´s grown a lot, and now we will finish together with ALL WE GOT!!!! Really we are excited to see a lot of miracles, as we are already seeing. Elder L has already baptized 8 people here, and we are preparing many others, and maybe I can´t tell many stories yet, or just so I don´t count my eggs before they hatch (That´s really superstitious, but more to be reverent and not boastful) But we have had many experiences in this week, and with the zone. Also, Elder L told me that every week we are going to some retired colony called lampasos that has no churches, but 3 members have been living there and have been preaching the gospel, and we could establish a house of prayer there before I leave. We didn´t go last week though, and Elder L has been sick, so we had a crazy week, but we already have some people preparing to be baptized. We decided that we just need to have so much faith, confidence, and throw away all doubts, and the Lord will grant us success. D&C 11:8 We have the faith that we will baptize this week and the next, and I believe that we can baptize the week after. There are many people here who need the gospel, and we´re here to help them receive it.

Thanks for sending me the scriptures and hymn book, I should get it tomorrow or wednesday with the package because we have interviews tomorrow and the meeting with the Mission President and Stake President, as well as doing divisions with the Assistants on wednesday. This should be a very successful week.

Looks like the schedule is good, I really don´t want to come home early, I´d rather baptize people unto repentance, but I guess I have to come home some day...

I´m not going to send pictures because this Ciber isn´t as nice. But I love you! I´ll try and send a letter with printed photos next week.

Elder Garner

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