Monday, May 18, 2015

2015-05-18 Cienega de Flores

Dear mom,

El Autobús Mágico was probably the best idea ever. I´ll read them when I have the time in my language study and then when I have a companion or anyone who is american, I can start giving them away. [We gave Davis a bunch of "Magic School Bus" childrens' science books in Spanish because he wanted to learn science vocabulary in Spanish.]

This week was super good! and super hard! I´ve realized that Cienega de Flores is just a tough area, more than Nicolas Bravo at least. With less members, more area, less english, more faith required, sometimes it makes me tired, but i just put my shoulder to the wheel,push along, and do my duty with a heart full of song, it works! Goodess gracious I´m sweaty.

We have an investigator that is preparing to get baptized this week, his name is A, as I´ve told you. He has a great testimony in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and does things such as reading and praying, because he wants to! not because he feels like he´s obligated to. He has a bit of oposición right now, which is that his boss is having him work on sundays, so until he gets that day off for rest, he can´t get baptized. He really thinks that he can get it off, and he´s been praying so that he may get sunday to rest. right now he has monday off (so close!) But he´s a great guy, he works in a company that makes juice so he said he´s going to bring us some next time, and he´s super funny. It´s really fun to teach him, and have him ask questions and see him reach an understanding of the principles. We had a powerful lesson with him about the word of wisdom, where two convert members expressed their testimonies about not drinking or smoking anymore and receiving great blessings. He isn´t addicted to anything, but he said that once in a while he´d smoke a cigarette or take a drink. He prayed, at the end of the lesson, to receive the strength to live the word of wisdom and to know that it is true. Bien con ganas Arturo es.

Well, I´m still putting on my sunscreen, and it´s hard to eat healthy here I don´t really know what to do about that but hope that the members feed me something healthy. I´m still feeling great! Elder H and I are working awesome!!

I love you mom,


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