Monday, May 25, 2015

2015.05.25 Cienega de Flores

Dear mom,

Wooooooahhh I´ve been on a mission for about 9 months now. Time flies. Well we have transfers today, but we don´t know if anyone goes or stays or any of that until the night, hmm.

This was a good week, a lot of things happened. A prepared this whole week to get baptized, we finished all of the lessons and all. He was super prepared and had built up his testimony. There was only one thing that impided him to get on sunday.. We prayed every day of the whole week that his boss would give him work of that day. He was many lessons where the power of the spirit of the Lord was so strong you could not deny it. arturo was ready, he was praying too. He had to make his decision saturday night and we would find out by him coming to church or not. We did not doubt that he would come. We had built up our faith like a great walll.

well! he didn´t come, he went to work, because it´s a new job and the boss still won´t give him that day off yet because he´s new. But we had such great faith! all of us! was it all in vain? Of course not! Maybe A used his agency to go to work and something radical didn´t happen to allow him to come to church and be baptized, but he is not lost, his testimony is not crushed. Our development of faith is not wiped away. I still felt great yesterday, even though arturo didn´t get baptized. We watched a video in the gospel principals class, of a convert who recieved the blessing in his confirmation that his example would help his family accept the gospel. Well, when he is baptized, the family gets more uptight about the gospel, because he won´t work on sundays. It bothers his father and they mock him that he is taking religion more important than his family. The convert gets stressed and asks his bishop "why is my family less receptive now, I thought they would be more receptive?" the bishop told him "Well sometimes we don´t recieve blessing right away, sometimes we have to have raith, keep being obedient, and just wait. Trust that the Lord will complete his promises," In the video, the family does not become more receptive to the gospel, but that´s just the video, Arturo did not get baptized this week..but that´s just the week! I can keep strengthening this great faith that I have been building up, for the benefit of A and all others!
Davis' selfie with his whole zone.

Also, the Water in the whole town of Cienega de Flores went out, It was awesome that we couldn´t brush our teeth or anything! Everyone said it wouldn´t come back until thursday...oh goodness! But guess what?! It came back this morning so we could shower in cold water and brush our teeth! A MIRACLE!! That was pretty awesome. 

right now there is a medium sized spider crawling on my computer screen...

"look out! Terrible joke INCOMING!"

...guess it´s just hanging out on the net...

Nathaniel looks super goofy as always, and more preppy. Horchata wasn´t a really big thing here during the holiday season, but there is something called i don´t remember, but it´s something like hot chocolate but it isn´t and it´s made with corn and (i dont like it yuck) but that´s alright!

Te amo mama!

Elder Garner

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