Thursday, May 7, 2015

2015-05-06 Cienega de Flores

Dear mom,

I feel awesome spiritually but like poop physically. Cienega de flores is SUPPPER far from the temple, we woke up at 3 am to get there, yeeesh ahahahaha. But it is very nice to go to the temple. this temple is small but very pretty inside and outside.

anyway, skype call. Since the internet here is super balogna here, so president swapp gave us permission to go to a ciber with skype on saturday. but, I will be going with Elder S [Davis’ trainer] not my companion elder H, because Elder H is going to do it another way by going to a different ward with some other missionaries on sunday to use the bishop´s tablet and long story short, I won´t be able to introduce Elder H to you and I´ll just be with Elder S. His comp is from bolivia and so his mother´s day isn´t until the 29th, but yea...

anyway...on SATURDAY, we plan to arrive at the ciber at 5ish(3pm for you) and elder s will go first probably and then me, but to be sure, be ready at 3pm this saturday, and i´ll call at 3pm or 4 (your time) does that sound ok? I hope so honestly these video calls make me so nervous I would much rather do a call but I don´t have the time to find where or anything. This frustrated me at the plane and at christmas because I don´t want you guys to be disappointed. but be ready at 3pm on saturday ok?

Hey but if it doesn´t work on saturday I will find a way to call by phone on sunday! :)

Anyway, besides that little frustrating thingy, I´m doing super well. I´m super happy and my testimony is ever growing. When we have terrible day where no one wants to listen, I don´t feel depressed of anything, I still feel cheerfurl. I´m learning more and more about how I can strengthen my faith, even with a plate full of trials. My companion and I are doing great, I don´t feel lonely at all speaking spanish. We make a lot of jokes, get a long really well, were good buddies now.

Right now I am super tired, I have a headache so I´m just going to leave you with this right now. Don´t worry I´m just physically tired, but spiritually I am rock and roll!!!!! I love you very much, I´ll see you on saturday.


p.s. Elder H says I should just open the tie [from Davis’ birthday package] up so I can wear it for skype so I think I will, but the rest I will wait.

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