Monday, June 8, 2015

2015.06.08 Cienega de Flores

Dear mom!

Sounds great! It´s funny how I was going to do an intership at the NPS in Santa monica mountains, and then once the guy sent me the thing about the Least Terns at the naval base, I went and did that. Nathaniel should have fun there. I miss running, It´s kind of tough not running. but there are more important things...

A got Baptized!!! Yea, the other missionaries in the branch were going to baptize the two youths on a thursday evening, and so we called A "Hey do you want to get baptized?" "Yea when?" "7pm" "ok I´ll be there at 6:30" Woo hoo! He has been felling more and more confident every day, and he has been getting good at recognizing the spirit. He says that he is going to make the final decision this week about his job so that he can go to church every sunday and be confirmed a member! (He wasn´t this week because it was the stake conference)
Baptism of two youths (young boy and girl with glasses) and "A" (probably the one right next to Davis in white).

Oh and stake conference of san Nicolas was awesome! As Missionaries we are only supposed to go to the sunday session, but, the priesthood meeting needed a male piano player and the closest one in the stake hour and a half a way(me) so we went, and I was able to see a lot of the members of the Nicolas Bravo ward. After the meeting, the stake president came up to me and said (in english!) "Thank you so much Elder, keep working hard" He´s got pretty good english, but it´s always unusual to hear it hahahaha. And then on sunday, guess who I saw!? O!!!!! Early to church as always in his nice shirt and tie! I also got to see his parents V and K, goodness there is such a difference in them now that they are going to church every sunday and preparing to get married and baptized. I love them so much.
Davis and O at the San Nicolas Stake Conference
Elder T is super cool. We are working super hard together and he is super fun too. This week we came home on sunday night exausted, but we felt that the Lord was greatly pleased in all of our efforts. We have two whole families in the teaching right now, and we have faith that they will both progress nad be able to be baptized. Both families show the interest, intentions, and humility to truly desire to follow the saviour. 

This Week Violet from the Incredibles said: "Super Duper Dad!"

Love you mom, I´m going to send you some pictures.

Elder Garner

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