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2015.06.15 Cienega de Flores

2015.06.15 Cienega de Flores
here let me answer your questions first.

Well, 6:30 we get up and do exersize. right now I´m doing something that my convert F taught me, where you start with diamond pushups and then you go to marine push ups and then regular and then spread pushups. I also do the jump rope a bunch and core and whatever else I have time for. ITS SUPER HOT IN OUR HOUSE. honestly it is not a very pleasant house, but that´s ok I didnt come on the mission to be the prince of bel air (smell ya later!) It is super humid, so it´s hard to fall asleep. You can´t open the windows unless you want a million cockroaches to join ya! so we got our two fans and that´s that! the spider unfortunately died :( poor guy, but I find other weird bugs in the house so it´s ok. anyway in the day what we´ve been doing a lot is looking for families, we talk to families, we teach families, we eat with families, we ask people if they know families. Well we talk with everyone, EVERYONE! but we want to find that family that desires to have the restored gospel in their life. Weather=super hot.

Speaking of families, we found many this week. It was so awesome to teach many full families about the restored truth of an eternal family. We would start each lesson with "families can be together forever" and with that I could feel the spirit fill up my whole chest, and I´m positive it did the same with my companion too. From then on, in every lesson we were truly guided by the spirit, and If I had the time I could tell you many wonderful experiences that we had in the lessons. 

Oh but in sunday, we were disappointed. We sat there waiting in sacrament meeting, and not one of the 4 families that we had commited to church came. A. came late and wasn´t able to be confirmed (but don´t worry about him, his work won´t be a problem now and he will be on time next sunday) I thought to myself "I thought that the blessings came after the trials" Later I felt that voice say to me "patience" Well here is another lesson that I learned. Sometimes we are stuck in the middle of a sticky situation, and we feel heavy in trial, and at the end of the day we say to ourselves "I suffered it well and willingly, the blessings will come." But, I guess sometimes we don´t understand that some trials are longer than others, saying to ourselves "be patient" and then expecting the blessings tomorrow isn´t really being patient. If there was one spider that I could have in my house, it would be charlotte so she could sing to me "Cheer Up! Cheer Up!" 

But don´t worry about me, I´m not the lest bit disanimated. I thought to myself "Well, If these families, or I, are not receiving great blessings, my Heavenly Father should be sending them to my family." I hope you guys feel wonderful this week. The gospel is the most wonderful thing we have and It´s great to have the blessing of an eternal family. Maybe since Nathaniel is so bored, you guys could all go to the Temple, or do a super fun family home evening where you do service to a neighbor or an old person and then get ice cream. Dad is in charge of the service projects in the ward now isn´t he? He should have plenty ideas.

dang I didn´t bring my thingy to send photos, but next Week! We´re going to go to San Nicolas for a zone activity in the afternoon, but then we are going to stay and work there in the evening in the area of two other missionaries and stay at their house, because tomorrow we´re going to the temple, and after we are going to have a zone conference! It´s the last zone conference with president Swapp too, how sad, he´s going to be leaving in two weeks. He´s been an awesome mission president and I´ll miss him a bunch. But I am excited to have another, it´will be super cool to learn from two mission presidents. Hey, did I tell you guys that Elder J is the newest assistant to the President now? So I´ll get to see him tomorrow as well! 

Let´s all 4 of us have a super duper week!

I love you!

Elder Davis Garner

(for dad Elder Davie Chocolate)

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