Friday, August 14, 2015

2015-08-03 Independencia

Hey Mom!
Sounds like all of the camps are going great. I remember that our high adventure camp was one of the best camping trips I ever went on. It was super fun, we went camping way up there in the mountains, and we had devotionals and such. I remember when Nathaniel was in charge of the devotional, he was very prepared and spoke very well, that was something very cool.
right now I´m pretty tired, This area is a pretty tough area. Like I told you there are a lot of crazy people, but there are a lot that aren´t prepared to recieve the gospel yet. It´s kind of a bummer to leave from church on sunday and see just about everyone! drunk and walking around the streets, yelling and laughing loudly.
I feels different because I don´t really feel like I have a companion that I can talk to and recieve motivation and support. With Elders SJ/H/T we always worked together and felt together. we could get advice and support from eachother, and disstress eachother. Here, with Elder R, he´s a new missionary who doesn´t know much. But apart from being a new missionary, he´s very different. He doesn´t talk a lot, well we doesn´t talk unless I do (good thing I talk a lot) I´m teaching him many things, and he´s learning, but I need to keep having patience. You know that sometimes I had mental breakdowns at home, nothing really unhealthy just overstress. I think that it has happened to me a couple of times when I was the junior companion, and I was able to empty out my jar or stress and learn from my companions. But I can´t do that now. I need to be a good example to Elder R. I have made sure that no matter what I feel, I´m always prepared, always smiling, always diligent, always obedient, always enthusiastic. I am looking for a new was to empty my stress, thorugh the scriptures, through hymns. I want to find a way to empty it all at once. Over all of this mom, I think that there are a lot of things that my heavenly father is teaching me, and for that I feel greatful.
I don´t think I´m as stressed as I conveyed there mom, really I´m very happy to be here, I´m very excited to talk to many people everyday and teach them about the great blessings that come from the restored gospel. I´m still writing in my journal everyday, and I´m going to write you and dad a good letter to tell you about thoughts that I have that would be better described on a piece of paper.
I love you very much mom, If you went to the girls camp, you´ll get to read this letter and then a letter soon that says "YEA AWESOME WEEK EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!"
I love you,


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