Sunday, August 30, 2015

2015-08-24 Independencia

Hey Mom,
looks like the summer has come to an end. I don´t feel any difference.
This week was pretty uneventful from what I can remember. No that´s not true, It´s just that on preperation day I´m always super tired. We have been teaching a man named J., two sundays ago we found him when we entered the chapel, and there he was. he´s about 50 years old and a year ago he met the missionaries, but he got in a terrible motorcycle accident and so he was in the hospital for a long time. Right not he can´t walk without crutches, but he has been getting better. We have been teaching him for about two weeks, and he has been coming to church, and he wants to get baptized. He´s a bit hesistant though because of his legs I believe, and I could understand, but I believe that he is spiritually prepared, and with that he can be physically prepared as well. since we have been visiting him, he has felt a big difference, he has been reading the book of mormon and has been praying and for that has been recieving spiritual strength. We teach a lot about faith, ether 12, alma 32, because that is what he needs. He has a lot of questions and such, and we have been answering them. I guess I just need to be a little patient with him because he has the desires, he just might need a little bit more time that others. I always think "Get baptized now now now!" but Heavenly father has a plan for everyone, I just need to keep trying to understand it.
Did I ever tell you how many drunk people there are here in Independencia? There are so many. theres a bunch on monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday and on saturday and sunday there are too many! they are pretty funny to talk to, especially the ones that contact us. There was one a couple of weeks ago that said. "hey i read the book of the mormons, it talks about how the angel moroni came back to give the two tablets of Moses to Joseph smith...give me one of them books" hahahaha almost buddy.
I thought I heard something about elders now being able to enter when they came home, because two many were leaving early, but who knows. I guess it depends in what President McArthur has to say. I went to the offices today to get some more book of mormons, and elder jones started to talk to me about birds, then the new matrimony missionaries started to talk to me about birds, then president mcarthur started to talk with as about the birds and I basically started to teach a birding class on birds of utah and northern mexico hahahaha.
I love you all so much!
Elder Garner

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