Tuesday, August 18, 2015

2015.08.17 Independencia

Hey Mom!
Sounds like school is rolling back into town...except for me! When I get back I´ll probably just become a seminary teacher and nothing else because I don´t remember any biology or math or anything. Oh well, I hope it comes back when I get home.
Yea this area is pretty tough, but it´s not a big deal. You know how MT SAC is a super tough course? Well I always felt really good after I finished that race, and super happy ( i think I always had a pretty good race every time there) Well that´s what "Indepe" is like. Tough, but it´ll build a lot of {spiritual} muscle. 
We had a stake conference yesterday, unfortunately none of our investigators could come, but It was a very good conference none the less. The stake President talked about the atonement, and the three main consequences of the atonement.
1. it restored everything that was lost with the fall of adam
2. It created the posibility of repentance
3. It opened the opportunity for exaltation
It was a very good talk, a very good conference over all, and it was in the chapel right by the temple, so there was that nice sight. fun fact: The patriarch in this stake is a convert, and his story is mentioned in Preach My Gospel. it´s in chapter nine: how do I find people to teach, in the section "talk with everyone". He gave a pretty funny talk, where he mentioned that before his conversion, he had talked to two other missionaries (of another church) that said "kill me! because I´m a missionary and I´ll go to heaven, and then after you can repent and you´ll go to heaven!" and his wife came out saying "what´s all that about killing each other!?" you can use that for family home evening hahaha.
of other news, I finished the Book of Mormon for the 5th time in the mission. it gets even better each time I read it. I am able to find even more teachings in each verse that I´ve already read. The Holy Ghost can speak to use when he read a certain scripture to gain a testimony of a certain truth of something that may had not been quite as important to use before. He continue to read the scriptures because we can recieve revelation through them. I know the Book of Mormon is true, and that there are still many things I haven´t learned from it, and I will keep reading it. (half way through my goal as well!)
I love you guys so much, keep having fun in California.

Elder Garner

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