Sunday, September 13, 2015

2015.09.07 Independencia

Hey mom,

tell thanny that he did a GREAT JORB EY!? COACH Z SAYS JURGY FROITS!

that´s a pretty sick time. Well here in Indepencia (yes I am still here) we aren´t doing much running (dang it) but that´s ok (hmmm, not really, thanny will be faster than me when I get home.) [Note: Nathaniel's first meet of the season - 16:45, a personal best.]

I don´t really have a lot to say today. This week we did have one of our investigators bare his testimony. He talked about the trials that he has had in his life and about how God had sent us (the missionaries) to help him find the right path. I felt grateful, and our investigator has been progressing. He still is hesitant for putting a baptismal date, because he has injured legs and he uses crutches and such, but he is feeling more and more ready. We´re just gonna keep working with him and keep trying to find new people to visit that really want to change.

I started the Book of Mormon for the sixth time this week.I´m trying to learn all that I can about the prophets, and why they are so Important, and from what I´ve learned so far, they are Really Important. In 1 Nephi 10:7 we learn that they are there to prepare the way for the Lord, in that instance it is speaking of John the baptist preparing for the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ, but it is a general principle that prophets prepare the way for the Lord. We can confirm that the Latter Day Prophets are truly preparing us for the second coming of the Saviour and to live with God again. Also, they have a resemblance to Christ, as did Moses (1 Nephi 22:20-21) and they really are like him (although not perfect like him) It is our duty to listen to them, for if we do and we are just in what they teach us, we will recieve great blessings and be happy forever(or in other words, we won´t perish 2 Nephi 26:8) We should start thinking about the upcoming General conference, being less than a month now, and ask the Lord for guidance so that we may be blessed and guided through the Prophet´s words. Truly the Prophets bring us closer to Christ (2 Nephi 25:26)

hahaha in most of my preperation days, I think of it as "6 more hours of study time" or something like that. There aren´t much sights to see here in our area, but there´s not problem with that.

dang I forgot my sd card converter to plug it in, so I´m not gonna send any pictures today (but next week yes)

¡Pon tu hombro a la lid! - everyone always writes in a bunch of languages in their letters so me too!


Elder Garner

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