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2015-09-21 Independencia


Hey I have a joke. It starts with a scripture: Mosiah 12:21-24: "Cuán hermosas sobre las montañas son los pies de aquel que trae buenas nuevas..." (You can post it in english because I don´t remember how it goes i english, also Isaiah 52:7-10) This scripture mentions that the feet of he that brings good news (the gospel) are very pretty. Surely this does not include the toes, because I´ve got three ingrown toenails on both large toes and index toe, and two deep scab/callises on my pinky toes! hahahaha it´s actually not my fault, I cut my toe nails. My area Independencia always gives people ingrown toenails, because of all of the hills and staircases and steep roads. except my companion because his toenails are tinier than a babies toenails! (nepoleon dynamite voice: lucky!) But I´m going to go and take them out this monday.


 hahaha a pair of pants ripped right at the groin in the middle of the day, not very noticable, but I don´t know how to sew. I have the supplies, but I don´t know how to do it, SOS.

Sounds like thanny did a super good job. Woodbridge is a fun race. But I remember that the bus ride is killer, because you gotta go to the bathroom super bad!

Anyway. This week went by pretty fast (ah sorry that I didn´t tell you that we went to the Temple today!) Elder Ruiz has been a great companion, but our time together is coming to a close this next monday. We still won´t know who goes where until in the night on monday. But I´ll go (or stay) wherever the Lord wants me.

On top of Monterrey
This week I was looking through the Liahonas that had arrived, and it talks A LOT about marriage and the fmaily. It´s obviously something very important. Elder Ballard mentions that we need to be active in defending the truth (In the september edition.) We need to actively defend our beliefs on traditional marriage, that legal and lawful marriage is ordained between a man and a woman. Much was mentioned about that in the past general conference. Here in Mexico, almost all pairs are in free union, and more than 75% of the people I talk with that are living with someone don´t have any intentions to get married. It is pretty sad. It´s a big commandment, and obeying it yeilds BIG blessings (Tell thanny blah blah blah science science science BIGGER) Whether you´re mormon, catholic, protestant, or any other religion, or of no faith at all, the commandments of God stand stronger than the law of gravity. If anyone wants to have a successful relationship, they´ll get married. If anyone desires a successful family, they´ll base their family on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am greatful mom that you and Dad have done so, so that we can have a happy family, and that we can be together forever.

General conference is coming up soon. I´m pretty darn excited!

I don´t know where [sister of a friend] heard that I was in a dangerous area, cuz I didn´t tell [friend]. And I don´t know why J and C are telling their moms about all of the trouble there is in their [mission] areas. I thought it was a rule not to hahahahaha. But don´t sweat it. My area is prertty calm right now, being right after the elections here in Nuevo Leon nothing has been happening.

Anyway, I still have some gifts for thanny, but if he wants them he has to write a letter.

I´m working hard, and I´ll keep working hard!

I love you!

Elder Garner
p.s. there is a blog for the mission:

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