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2015.9.14 Independencia

Hey guess what! I got a letter from "A" in Cienega! He says he hasn´t missed a single sunday! Atta boy! he´s doing really well, says the missionary that just got changed out of cienega that I saw in the offices today. dangit it just changed to italics and stuff whatever. He also told me (missionary) that "

We are Indepe (slang for Independencia)

M" is still going every sunday and is going to be baptized in november with her younger daughter, when she turns 8 years old! Awesome!

Davis with Cerro de la Silla in the background.
Hey Mom,

I have a bunch of things to say (some of them are kind of goofy)

1st thing. High School Muscial copied Grease! I have no clue how this popped in my head, but I realized, two people that met in the summer, then the girl moves to that school, they´re both about staying in groups and not changing the status or whatever. But High School Musical doesn´t end with a flying car, so I guess Grease takes the case(in the weirdest musical ever.)

2. Why didn´t I ever think about Flat Stanely Missionary before? that would be the coolest thing ever! I mean, I could send him and then have a paper or on back where the missionary writes where they are serving, and they have to take a picture with him in their mission. I´m gonna think more about that because it would be pretty cool.

3. Well don´t worry too much about the air conditioning, because that basically doesn´t exist here. Even the air conditioning that there is is way different and I don´t know, but this week was nice because it cooled off, there was a little bit of rain and a lot of clouds, some wind and just some good weather. My companion said it was cold (hahahaha, it wasn´t cold) It´s ok he´s from Cancun.

4. We believe that the first ordaninces and principles of the gospel are: first, faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Second, repentance. Third, baptism by immersion for the remission of sins. Fourth, laying on of hands, for the gift of the Holy Ghost.

5. hahahaha that was just the 4th article of faith (which does have the best primary song, and sometimes I sing it to the investigators in both languages when we teach the gospel of Jesus Christ.) Well this week was a super cool week. Really hard work, a lot of weird things happened, and we had some success in finding more people to teach! This sunday, we did not have sacrament meetion because we went to the stake center to see the Temple Rededication of the Mexico City, Mexico Temple! Wow was that something! It´s cool that I have been to two rededications on the mission. In the Dedicatory prayer, President Eyering asked for a blessing over the country of Mexico, and that day we could really feel the spirit working in the hearts of the children of men. We were able to talk and teach many people, and find three new investigators that day! It was really exciting indeed.

Weird selfie with Monterrey in the background.
6.Super Weird thing. We were teaching a family yesterday, and they were pretty receptive and all, interested about having an eternal family, and then the baby started to cry. No big deal right? Well the mom picks her up, and opens up her shirt to breastfeed her...RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!!!..."WHAT!" I thought, as I fixed my eyes on the dad, not trying to acknowledge anything. I basically had to imagine that she didn´t exist until the baby had finished. then later on SHE DID IT AGAIN! this time she kind of turned away so I guess it was all cool and stuff. I didn´t see anything either time thank goodness, but how weird!!! After the lesson Elder Ruiz told that it´s just something that they can do whenever I guess. I think that putting a blanket over would be nice.

Streets of Independencia
7. The area independencia is very urban. Most of the houses are very small and crammed together. There are some "vecindads" which are basically tinie-weenie apartments, they´re just one room apartments(very small too.) the higher up you go on the hill, the crazier the roads get, they turn into stairs, the houses lose numbers and it becomes very unorganized. It´s pretty organized below, but up high it is like someone threw all of my puzzle pieces on the floor (or on the hill.) This isn´t a poor area, because these people have all they need and more(like flat screen TV´s and cooler shoes than mine DOPE!)

Anyway, if I added 8 then I would be like the beatles...bad at counting the days of the week,

But the work goes on! Being a missionary is very "In-Style" I recommend it.

I love you mom!

Elder Garner

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