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2016.01.11 Independencia

Davis at the lookout point in Chipinque park.

Hey Mom!

sounds like everything is normal up there, I guess that´s cool (I´m kind of tired right now bare with me, I´ll explain why in a little bit.) This week was super awesome. We taught a lot of people, found a lot of people, a lot of people came to church, and a lot of people are feeling the spirit and the truth of the things that we teach. This area has really changed since I arrived here, and my attitude has as well. I guess even in places where there would seem to be no hope, something can be planted and can grow into something grand. I think about the scripture found in Jacob 5:20-22
20 And it came to pass that they went forth whither the master had hid the natural branches of the tree, and he said unto the servant: Behold these; and he beheld the first that it had brought forth much fruit; and he beheld also that it was good. And he said unto the servant: Take of the fruit thereof, and lay it up against the season, that I may preserve it unto mine own self; for behold, said he, this long time have I nourished it, and it hath brought forth much fruit.
21 And it came to pass that the servant said unto his master: How comest thou hither to plant this tree, or this branch of the tree? For behold, it was the poorest spot in all the land of thy vineyard.
22 And the Lord of the vineyard said unto him: Counsel me not; I knew that it was a poor spot of ground; wherefore, I said unto thee, I have nourished it this long time, and thou beholdest that it hath brought forth much fruit.
The Lord Knows his vineyard perfectly, the servants don´t. They work with all of their might, but they don´t perfectly understand the will of the Father. That´s probably why the Lord puts missionaries like me in a tough area for a long time, so that I can become more patient and understand his ways a little bit better. Now I´m not saying that this is the worst area in the world, neither that I was the one who changed it to being a good area, nothing of the sort. Let´s just say that this missionary wasn´t awfully fond of staying in the area for more than 3 months back then, but now he can look back and show gratitude towards the omniscent Savior. I always remember something that Elder Oaks shared once, or who was it? anyways, it´s that we often don´t, or can´t recognize the blessings we recieve or that we have until we press forward, keep progressing, and then look back to see that the Lord was always there blessing us.
Elder T at Christmas
The Christmas package made it!

Bird calendars for Christmas

Also, Hno. M. A. was confirmed yesterday and he was super excited about that. That was awesome.
Davis, Hno M.A and Elder T

Ok here´s something super cool, and why I am kind of tired right now. We had a district activity today and we went to Chipinque Ecological Park! What does that mean?...BIRDWATCHING! Wow that is super cool Elder Garner. Yea I know, wanna hear what birds I saw? Yes I´d love to. (I don´t know who I was talking to just then, but it was someone who was interested in birds.)
District activity at Chipinque.
Well I didn´t see that many species, but for someone who hasn´t gone birdwatching in almost a year and a half, they´ll be happy to see a mourning dove (ok not really, those are pretty sad birds)
anyway I saw
Mourning Dove
Band Tailed Pigeon
Black Crested Titmouse
Mexican Jay (new)
Audubon oriole (new)
Canyon Wren
Spot Breasted Wren (new)
House Wren
Turkey Vulture
Black Vulture
Hepatic Tanager (new)
Black Headed Grosbeak
Crescent-chested  Warbler (new)
Black and White Warbler (new)
Hermit Warbler
Painted Whitestart (new)
Rufous-capped Warbler (new)
Blue Gray Gnatcatcher
Hutton´s Vireo
Hairy Woodpecker
Acorn Woodpecker
Green Jay (always cool)
Elegant Trogon (new, bird of the day)
An Elegant Trogon

Cerro de la Silla in the distance
So a member dropped us off at the look out point and we went exploring for a bit and then went down the mountain, it was a super cool place, kind of chilly but nice weather overall. There were some giant rock slides we went down, that was pretty cool. There were a bunch of mexican jays, they´re pretty big and noisy like most jays. All of the new warbler species were really neat, and two of them are species that are very rare to find in the US, so it was nice to see them here. We got down to the visitor´s center and I was looking in one of the local birding books and it said that chipinque was the best place in Nuevo Leon to find Elegant Trogons, and I thought "Dang I was not even looking for them." and so we left and we were going to go down the street to grab a taxi, and then I saw some green Jays, and I had told everyone that I would find them some green jays (cuz they´re pretty cool) so we were looking at them. Then to the right of the tree were the green jays were I saw a red breasted bird...Elegant Trogon! Now that was definitely a miracle, because it is a super good looking bird. I got a really crumby picture of it, and we went down and got a taxi to take us to a buffet, and that was pretty sweet too.

Anyway that´s my week. I haven´t sent photos for more than 3 weeks, since Christmas, so I ´m going to try and send a lot of photos right now. It seems that we might go to the Temple next wednesday, so it might be that my preperation day will be next wednesday and not the normal monday.

I love you all so much!

Elder Garner
Sharing a soda with Hno. M.A.

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