Friday, January 1, 2016

2016.12.21 Independencia

Hahahahahahhahahaa, [See copies of Nathaniel's Christmas list below - this is what Davis is laughing at.]

Tell Thanny to be grateful if he gets plain white yogurt! that´s the only thing I want. you know I always got something for christmas that was never on any of my christmas lists, and that was a snock in the snoot, so I hope thanny can get one of those too.

So I thought that list was too funny that I don´t have anything else to say. Oh wait, do you want to know where I got transfered? me too, but we´ll find out in febuary because I´m staying in Independencia for another month and a half with Elder T! how cool is that right? And everybody thought I was going to leave hahahaha, well not until I have contacted every person in this area...or when the milenium begins, whicheverone comes first.

Anyway for skype. I´ll skype you guys at 5pm central time, 3pm for you guys. that´ll be exciting. Thanny will have to tell me about the eggnog mile, and he´ll have to tell jonny that I´ll come to the next one. I´m still thrown off by that wish list that thanny put up. Dang it! I really wish that Thanny isn´t funnier than me when I get back home.

Hey you know I was reading Elder K´s email and it sounds like he´s doing a lot of cool stuff. C[ousin] always puts his titles in german and I don´t feel too excited to translate that.

Our convert J, who was baptized on the 6th was confrimed a member of the church yesterday, That was really exciting. He´s a really humble man, and yesterday he arrived on time to church, which was kind of weird because he usually arrives 45 minutes early, but he gave him self pace, so that counts for not being early. This man just wants to be in the church, it doesn´t really matter to him if he doesn´t understand everything or is kind of confused, he feels good there and he is glad that he is in good company. We had two others in church yesterday, and one of them (another older, humble man) is preparing to be baptized for the next week, so we are excited for that as well.

Ah, in church yesterday, a young married man who had been part of the ward before came and visited. I talked to him and asked him where he lives now, he said North Carolina. now I may have not been a perfect child, but I did listen to my dad now and then (ok...more than that) and I said "Do you happen to work for Bank of America?" DING DING DING We have a winner! hahahah so then we talked to him about banking like I was my dad, like I enjoyed finance or something. Maybe I do, who knows, will my future be in finance then? Well I´m not going to think about that right now...

Just so you know, i´m still going strong in my journal. I just read one of the teachings of President Wilford, talking about the importance of writing down your own life history. Well I feel like I´m doing a good job, and i´m grateful that for so many years you guys kept at me for writing in journals. Maybe i didn´t write so much before the mission, but now I´ve got it as a habit and it will be a blessing in the near future. I´m also grateful that Brother Oliverson highlighted the importance of having a journal as a missionary while in his sunday school class, so you can thank him for me.

Well, I´ll see you on friday!

Merry Christmas!

I love you!

Elder Garner

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  1. Elder Garner,

    You have a great memory! I've always been a very visual learner so I had hoped that by using a lot of objects in the Sunday school class that some of it would stick. Mission journals are amazing! Keep up the great week and we'll see you soon!

    Warmest regards,
    Brother Oliverson