Monday, February 8, 2016

2016.02.01 Independencia

Dear Mom,
hahaha that´s awesome! Thanks for sharing that! [He's laughing at a tragic story about his brother getting a terrible case of poison oak.]
Hey don´t worry about me not having a car for a bit in college. I got a bike.
Well this week was pretty awesome, but it seems that you guys are going to be wondering where I will be, so let me put that to rest first. I had this experience yesterday and it was really unexpected:
So about 6:00pm yesterday we had just visited a less active member and were were walking down the street to go visit some contacts that we had done. I recieved a call, and it was from President McArthur. He congratulated us on the baptism that we had earlier in the day and he apologized because he wasn´t able to attend (he had told us that he wanted to go but had a previous engagement to attend.) He said "Elder Garner, you´ve been in Independencia for a long time, and I need you as a zone leader in Huasteca with Elder S. I need obedient faithful missionaries who can be leaders, and you´re one of them, right?" I responded yes. Then he described to me that they would be announcing changes on sunday night so that there was more time to prepare, so now you won´t have to wait a week to know where I´m going. So I will be in the Zone Huasteca, in the Area Huasteca (ward) and my next companion will be Elder S (from Utah.)

This was a great and crazy week! It snowed on the mountains here on wednesday because it was super cold! then the next day it was blazing hot and all of the snow melted!
Snow on Cerro de la Silla

Also, Y and E were baptized! And what is even better, their Husband/Dad baptized them. They are a remarkable family with eyes on the Temple, so that they may have the blessings of an eternal family. J L was inactive for a long time, but after so much time, he had the impression that he should return to the church, with his family. With the help of the relief society president, who knows the wife, and putting them in contact with the missionaries, they were able to prepare to make sacred covenants with God. Y and E were both super excited to be baptized, and they were filled with happiness and joy.
Baptism of Y and E by hubby/father.

Also, yesterday, my companion dared me to eat some super big chili and I did and I turned red and started sweating and crying and he thought it was super funny and we aren´t friends anymore...ok that last part isn´t true, but yea it was pretty funny.
Anyway, I´ll send some pictures really fast.
¡Les Amo!

Elder Garner

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