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2016.02.15 Huasteca

Hmmm... Huasteca'n you so long to snap the picture?

Hey Mom,

This was a super good week! Ah it was a super good week! wow there was so much that happened that I don`t know where to start! I`ll just tell you a little bit.

Elder S
Fun Fact. My Companion knows Cousin C [who on his mission in Germany]. We were talking about Cross Country and I mentioned that sometimes I went up to utah and I ran with the ogden team, and he asked if I knew the guys, well I did, and he remembers Cousin, so that`s super cool.

Hey we did a bunch of cleaning today too, it was super cool, but I did not have that cleaning song to listen to that I liked when I was a little kid. "Sweepy sweepy sweepy, sweeping up the floor...till there aint no more." At least my little dungeon room will be all nice and cosy...cosey?...cosie???...comodo. ahì està.

This week was super duper because of the quality of work that we were able to do. We were able to work really well with the ward, such as doing splits with the priests, getting refferals and being introduced to people by the members, as well as seeing the kindness and love that the members show to the new people at church. that`s really awesome. We also were able to experience the sweetness of responding to the still small voice various times each day, and we were able to be part of the answer to someone`s prayer. As President Monson has described, that is probably one of the most rewarding feelings there is. One of the amazing experiences that we had was with a past-investigator that Elder S had, and that always loved listening to the missionaries but never wanted to go to church. We visited her, and after so many times of trying, Elder S was kind of tired of trying to invite her, but since he had a new companion he wanted to try it again. She was telling us about how she invited the Lord in her home, and the things she did so that there could be peace at home, it was quite a cute lovely home. We mentioned that it was wonderful that she invited the Lord to her home, and started teaching about how the Lord invites us to his house, to "Supper"with him, and we taught about the sacrament and the last supper. She was almost convinced, but said that she wanted the Lord to come and extend his arm to her to bring her to church. Then Elder S shared something very inspired, which was quite clever because I had heard it as a joke before:

Huasteca is a valley.
there was a man on his rooftop during a rising flood, who was praying to god to be saved. A speedboat passed by and the man said "Hey get on and I`ll save you!" and the response was "No, I`m waiting for God to save me."  The flood rises and another speedboat arrives, and offers the same, but he rejects the offer with the same response. then up to his waist in water, a Helicopter comes and says "This is all we got, grab the ladder so we can save you!"..."No! I`m waiting for God to save me!" Well the man drowns, and goes to Heaven, and there he asks God "Why didn`t you save me?" Then God responds: "I sent you two speedboats and a helicopter, but you didn`t want to be saved!"

Cerro de la Silla in the distance.
Well then Elder S mentioned, "We are true representatives of Jesus Christ, are we not his hand carrying you to church?" She thought for a moment, and said "You`re right, I`ll go to church with you...but next week, so I can bring my daughter as well." Well she was so greatful, she told us to come by her house right before we went home so she could give us some tamales! She lived really close to our house, so right before going home at 9 we got a bunch of super hot tamales. Awesome.

I love you mom, keep being my mom,

Elder Garner

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