Sunday, February 14, 2016

2016.02.08 Huasteca

Dear Mom,

 This area is super cool! it`s about an hour from where I was (in bus) and it is in this giant valley between a bunch of mountains. Pyrrhuloxia, Loggerhead Shrikes, Merlins, and many kingbirds and Kiskadees can be found here, so it`s kind of like an Arizona-ish climate, so to say.

The worst part is that my new Companion, Elder S, threw me in the smallest room possible, so I have to study and sleep there, and it`s the worst. I feel like Harry Potter, dang it. Whatever, I guess that means I get a dwarf thing [Dobby] who tells me not to go to school, so that`s all good. 
Davis in the Harry Potter room.  At least there is a cool falcon drawing.

As a zone leader we started out on tuesday with a small presentation of the zone after the district meetings, and put the baptism goals for the change. We check all of the district meetings (there are three districts in the zone) and we have a lot of contact with all of the district leaders, and with the Assistants to the President (By the way, my old companion Elder T is the newest assistant, so that`s pretty cool.) We went to the Leadership counsel this past friday, and we talked about the challenges about the mission and how to overcome them, and also reviewed the responsibilities we have as leaders. We also ate lasagna (sweet.) We also have meetings with the Stake President and Mission President every month to talk about how the members and the missionaries are working together, we are going to do a zone conference at the end of february, where we will give a presentation on how to help investigators keep commitments. We do divisions with the district leaders, and call many more people than I did when I was a district leader, but it`s ok because each of us has a phone. Elder S is a super good missionary too, and he has just 3 months left in his mission. he has quite a bit of time here in Huasteca, but it is possible that I`ll be his last companion. 

I saw elder G at the counsel, and we made fun of each other, so I think we will be ready to room together [in college].

There are so many people here that want to listen to the gospel, and the ward here is really big and they are doing a lot of things to get the missionary work going. The youth are on their toes with inviting people to church, so I`m really excited to work here. We had two people in church yesterday, and two other kids came with their friends, saying that we could meet their family soon. (they were two boys 10 and 11 in Dodgers sweatshirts, so they`re already pretty awesome.) I`ll let you know soon how the work goes.


Elder Garner

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