Tuesday, March 15, 2016

2016.03.07 Huasteca

Hey mom,

After studying today, our ward missionary leader took us to eat tacos de carne asada. Ahhhh they were really good. I ate 10, totally worth it. Hey but don`t worry about my health mom, I`m eating super duper healthy. We only eat good food in our house, and the members usually give us balanced meals. It`s just once in a while that we eat tacos...but really good tacos. All the salsa they have here will make you cry but it`s awesome.

You know I feel that I am getting pretty goofy in my emails. (about to get serious but then remembers something) Hey! Remember how I wrote about the Chupacabra last week? Man oh man, the bishop went with us on saturday to visit people, and he said that about 8 years ago here in La Huasteca, there was the Chupacabra sucking all of the blood from the little goats in the ranches, and I was pretty stoked to here that. So I guess next p-day we can go looking for that bird.

We had a very neat experience that day as well. At about 8:15 we were working in a colony very far from our house, so we headed over to a bus station to take the bus back home. Arriving there at about 8:30, we found that the only bus that hadn`t left had broke down...uh oh. there was one other guy waiting for the bus, and we began to talk to him. He was going to head to a quinceƱera  that was to take place in the colony we lived in. We were talking to him about the Book of Mormon, the restored church, and other subjects while waiting for the bus to get repaired. at 8:50, the bus still didn`t budge, and I was kind of getting worried because we have to be in the house at 9:00. I said a little prayer in my heart, and right after doing that they guy said, ¨Hey do you guys just want to take a taxi, we`re basically going to the same place." We didn`t have any money, just our bus cards, but he said not to worry. We got into a taxi at 8:51 and we started to talk to the taxi driver about the gospel. A very nice man, but usually the taxi drivers here never have time to listen to us in their homes, always out in the road. We went as far as the other guy was going, and he paid the taxi and got out. we were a little ways from our house, but close enough to walk, but the taxi driver said, ¨I`ll take you guys home.¨But we don`t have money! No problem. Well he drove us there and we got into the house lickety split at 9:00pm Halleluyah. This isn`t such a big experience or anything, I know, but I wanted to share it because it shows that the Lord cares about the little things as well...even curfew. I guess it was because we were doing everything we could to be obedient, and since it didn`t turn out how we had expected, the Lord helped us out.

A lot of other awesome things happened this week, but goodness I didn`t even have time to write in my journal. I`m going to try and do that right now with the time I have in the preperation day.

Tell dad to keep telling jokes, and playing golf.


Elder Garner
10 Tacos!

I don't think there are any vegetables with this meal...

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