Saturday, March 5, 2016

2016.02.22 Huasteca

Dear mom,

I think I had a pretty productive week too. let`s see if it annoys elder s if I say what I type while I type. (the desired laugh from Elder S was accomplished.)

You know I always say where do I start, because there is a lot of stuff that happens, but obviously I don`t have enough time to share...wait hold up I can totally use a scripture to tell you...

3 Nephi 26: 6  And  now  there  cannot  be  written  in  this (email)   even  a  hundredth  part  of  the  things  which  (Elder Garner)  did  truly  teach  unto  the  people;

hahahaha SCRIPTURE POWER! So in this week we actually had a lot of success, us in our area, and the whole zone. the zone we are in is really great, the whole place has a lot of potential, that has not been achieved in quite a while, but this change a lot of great missionaries came here with me, and they are working very hard, and very well. They are finding people who are ready to recieve the gospel and follow the example of Jesus Christ into the waters of baptism.

Here in Huasteca, we had a super great week. It was the first week in my whole mission where we had more lessons with investigators with members, than lessons without members present! The members here are helping us a lot with teaching the investigators, supporting them, helping them complete their commitments, and go to church. We had eight investigators in sacrament meeting yesterday, and I really just feel tha the Lord is pouring his spirit over the people in this area! One of the families that came really called my attention, and we have started to teach them eagerly. we are actually going to visit them today in the evening. The father is a member, a returned missionary from a while back, and all of his children are members, but his wife isn`t, and they actually aren`t spouses because they aren`t married. He hasn`t been to church in a long time, and this week we had gone to visit them after one of our lessons had fell through, and they were home. Elder S commented "this is the second time I`ve seen him, in all my time in this area." We were invited inside, adn began to talk. The parents mentioned that they had been talking for a couple of days, right before we had come, and they had come to the decision that it was time to return to the church, to get married ,and for the mom to get baptized. Wow! Well I guess the Lord had been preparing them, and he sent us at the right time when they were ready. She has to actualy get divorced from someone else before she can get married to her spouse, so that does make a set back, but they seem very determined, and they had the support of the ward right behind them. Elder S told me that there was a lawyer in our ward, so that shoud help. At church yesterday they seemed pretty pleasant, their kids were pretty quiet too, and I talked with the wife and said "I imagine that you were pretty happy in the sacrament meeting because your boys didn`t make a lot of fuss, that`s when my mom was happiest, when my brother and I weren`t fighting or making noise." I bet it`s a pretty quiet pew fer yew ma`.

Hey that`s pretty swell that you got the apartment. Hey I forgot to tell you last week, when you see the new missionary feel free to send my regards with a giant "oooooOOOOOOOOKLAHOMA!!!!" Does their mission president give them permission to wake up to the song "Oh what a beautiful morning"? or when they run out of gas does he shout "It`s a scandal! It`s an outrage!" and then his companion says "Well that`s about as far as it can go, yea that`s about as far as it can go!" and then when they aren`t having the best time with the members they can sing "Oh the members and the elders should be friends! oh the members and the elders should be friends! the members want there kids endowed, the elders want to baptize now, that`s no reason why they can`t be friends!" People in the ward should stick together, members in the ward should all be pals, the youth can dance with the bishop`s daughters, the elders won`t dance with the YSA gals!"

But I do want to invite you all to work with the missionaries. Since the work is pressing on here in the Huasteca ward, I would like to invite you all to hasten the work in the Robles ward. Invite people over for dinner with the missionaries so they can share a message with them, invite the people you`re meeting to church, lend service to all you see. I`ll keep going and do the best I can, but I need you guys to help and give me a hand.

I love you guys!

Elder Garner

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