Monday, March 21, 2016

2016.03.14 Huasateca

Dear Mother of Mine,

We just had a zone activity and we played a bunch of soccer, and so now I`m kind of tired.

But that doesn`t matter cuz WHAT HAVE WE GOT? we got HEART! You know, Elder S says that I should do musicals because I`m always singing (hymns, but sometimes I will sing a sound of music song because those are pretty motivating...climb every mountain, knock every door, contact every reference, so you baptize more...stuff like that. Maybe if the musical "The Book of Mormon" was a good, true and sincere musical, then I could be in it. But it isn`t so I will be found elsewhere.

Davis and former trainee, Elder R.
This week was pretty awesome. (every week in the mission field is awesome, but this week especialmente.) Some things that happened, we had a meeting with the other zone leaders of the stake, the mission president and the Stake president. That was super awesome, the stake is really pushing forward with the missionary work, along with our bishop, so we are getting a lot of help. Next week is the ward conference, and the theme is Missionary Work...sweet. I finally got to do a baptismal interview for one of the district leader`s investigators. That was a very cool experience, and the first time I`ve done a baptismal interview. It was really cool to see someone very prepared to be baptized explain about the commandments, the Restoration, the gospel, and then share their testimony.

Also, we had a super crazy week finding people. At the end of last week Elder S and I decided that many of the investigators that we were teaching weren`t that desirous to progress, with lukewarm commitment. So we decided that we would leave the good to find the great. We found 22 new investigators wow! It was even more impressive because we really didn`t do much of it. I mean we are working hard and are exactly obedient and anxiously engaged to talk with people about the gospel and eternal families, but it was the Holy Ghost that did it all. One of the experiences that we had was walking in direction of a less active member, a couple of blocks away, and we just felt the impression to go down a certain road. So we did, and we found someone that we had taught once before, who said he never had time and he didn`t believe in God, so we didn`t put another appointment. He invited us in again and said "What a coincidence." Oh those don`t exist Mister. We had an impressive lesson, and said "Well I guess you can come back next week." We left him with the book of mormon and he committed to reading at least a chapter. Sweet. (Don`t worry, we visited the less active family too.)

We found quite a few people that are really great, but that couldn`t come to church because they were going out of town. But we had the miracle that a less active family came, and with them brought a whole other family, not members! And they were sure interested and the whole ward was going crazy, especially in the ward council. They`re on the dot, and we`re pretty excited that there is now a new handful of people to teach with the members.

What else happened. Who knows. Yeah the Bishop told me the chupacabra has wings but who knows. It rained a bit here too.

I love you guys!

good job thanny keep running fast and being skinny and brightly colored

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