Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015 San Nicolas

I´m going to respond to your questions on this email, and talk to you about the rest on the other one you sent me.

1.We had nothing planned for New years eve, but then Edson invited us to come over to his house and have pollo asado (grilled chicken) It was quite fun. He was also playing Toto, hahaha he really likes that band. Unfortunately he hasn´t been to church in the past two weeks, one time he was super sick, and this time he just found a new job so he might have had to go to work :/ oh dear

2.not yet [Grandma Johansen’s package that was sent in October has not arrived yet.]

3.I got some futbol shoes and two jerseys. I also bought some things that I needed, such as another pair of shoes and another pair of pants [Items purchased with Christmas money.]

4.Shoot, I wrote this down, don´t worry I can remember. [What do you want for your birthday in May?]

Things I want for my birthday;
Another photo album, mostly of just our family (grandparents, me growing up, our vacations, etc.)
A small english hymn book
The teachings of Joseph Smith in englsih
A nice blue tie and/or a cool bird tie
more music I guess
surprise me

I think that was it, maybe one other thing that I wrote down that I forgot, I´ll check.

Things that I need(or want for mission reasons):
My long black running spandex
long sleeved white underarmor spandex (both for next winter hahaha)

Who knows, it might be colder next year and I could be in a colder area
Dia de los reyes, jan 6. giant sweet bread. cut it up, person who gets the baby jesus in theirs has to make everyone tamales!

Love you! I´ll read and write to the other letter now!

Dear mom,

That was awesome how you planned that party for dad, now he´s really old! hahahhaa. Sounds like all of the birds are doing well too. Sounds like you saw a Kingfisher to me, they sound kind of like woodpeckers in their chatters, and they kind of have those largish wings with a similar wing beat.

Oh! Yesterday on sunday, my companion woke up in 4 in the morning and started vomiting and having bad diarrhea until about 7. The Mission President´s wife told us to stay inside all day so he could rest, so we didn´t even go to church! Yikes! The missionaries not at church! We told the bishop and then also told the ward mission leader to watch for and investigators that came to church (none) and the bishop’s wife brought us some bread to do the sacrament ourselves. It was a bummer to be cooped up in the house all day, but I had time to read a lot of scriptures, and I read all of the family histories that I had and wrote you guys a letter. I really liked reading about grandpa and grandma Johansen and their endeavors, can you tell them that I think they’re awesome?! It made me think about all of the things that I have done in my life and such. Oh this is something that I didn´t write in the list of stuff I want for my birthday, can you send me more family history stories. More about dad´s parents and grandpa Charlie, and then you and dad as well. (I think I´ll write another short letter to go with the one I wrote yesterday about some of this) But yea, Family history is really neat and I love my family. I hope grandpa can show me how to do wood carving and such.

I went on divisions [splits?  It’s when the missionaries go for the day with different companions.] last Friday with a Mexican zone leader. He told me that I speak super well for not even being done with my training yet! It´s nice to get praise, and it motivates me to keep studying!
I made chocolate chip banana pancakes for my zone leader at the end of divisions for breakfast. Not the best photo and he made a funny face, but good stuff.
That´s about all I´ve got for this week. This is my last week of training! Here´s a picture of Hebrews 11:1 on a wall in a small park we pass by all the time hahahah. It´s pretty chito (cool)

I love you guys so much!!!! :)


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