Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015 San Nicolas

How are the birds mom? Are you still going over to the sewage ponds with your classes and seeing the cool birds? I wish that I could´ve taken you birding more often, but you always had to do your class. It was always fun when we went though. We can go a lot when I get back. Keep looking at your field guide that you bought! Don´t let it go to waste!

Well, it´s a new year, and we all have goals set for this year. As a mission, we are all going to read the book of mormon within 45 days, starting tomorrow! I´m thinking that I´m going to do it in spanish, and that will be really good to be able to read through it in spanish for a first time. Another goal we have as a mission is for every area to get a baptism on the 1st of February. I don´t know if I´ll be in this area or not for that date, because the change ends in two weeks, but we can start preparing this one man we have started teaching, and have already set a baptismal date for the 1st of February.

We have been teaching O´s parents still, and they have been progressing(slowly). They didn´t come to church yesterdays which was a bummer, but It was because K(mom) was pretty sick. We have been talking to them a lot about marriage because they aren´t married. K is for it, but V (dad) hasn´t felt so sure about it. Well about a week ago we had some lesson with them, and we gave them a law of chastity pamphlet to talk about together; If getting married is what the Lord wants them to do. They´ve been in contact with the missionaries for almost 6 months now on and off, but back then V was really closed and stubborn about it. He´s been a lot more open now though, and he told us that one day he was coming back home from work in a bus and there was a lot of traffic. So, he pulled out the law of chastity pamphlet and he read it. He told us that he felt a tranquility from reading it, and that getting married is something that he should do. They feel that they are going to be ready to get married sometime, they don´t know if they´re prepared yet, but we have seen the changes in their deeds and desires and I think that we already know that they are ready, we just need to show them that they are. We have yet to set a specific date for their wedding, but we will. since they didn´t come to church we can´t baptize them this change, so that means that either I or Elder S won´t be there for it. But, we are still working with them and belive that they will soon be ready to be married and baptized. They are starting to understand all of the blessings of baptism and marriage and it is great.

Sorry but I have to go now, I should´ve wrote later. I´ll print this off [Mom's email to Davis arrived after he had written the above message and was out of time.] and be ready to reply to all of your questions next week!

I love you two!!!
I love you too nathaniel!


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