Monday, January 26, 2015

2015-01-26 San Nicolas - Still

Creepy mural
Hey mom!

I stayed in Nicolas Bravo, pero recibí un nuevo compañero! Elder J, from St. George UT! Wow is he cool, wow is he great, wow don´t we work together better than (something that rhymes) hahahaha. Nah Elder J and I are plowing through. We´re actually trying to start over in this area, kind of wash everything out, all of the people that are listening but not actually doing, and we´re just gonna start all over. It´s going to be kind of rough, but it´ll be worth it and I think that with that much diligence we´ll be able to get some baptisms this change and help some people change their lives for the best. 

Elder J is a cowboy, plays guitar and likes to workout(YES) I finally went running!!!! Yes!!! It was awesome, we go running almost everyday in the morning at a nearby park.
Elder J

Well, since we have been starting over, there really isn´t anyone progressing or anything, but we did have a really cool experience with some investigators(that moved out of the mission :/) by giving them a temple tour. When we entered the sacrament room, is that what it´s called? Salon Sacramental, she said that she felt an immediate peace and tranquilidad inside(There are words that im starting to forget what they are in english) We then played "Nearer My God to Thee" I played the piano and My companion sang. It was really amazing because we just filled the room up with the holy ghost, after we finished we just sat there in calmness. ¡Que Poderoso fue el Espíritu! This lady is most definitely going to get baptized, and we have passed the reference to the East mission. What can we all do to feel the spirit more during the sacrament meeting mom? How can we better take to heart the sacrament prayers and remember Christ throught the whole rest of the week? Didn´t Bro. O give a short talk about how we can be more reverent? Well when we are reverent in sacrament meeting we reiceve muchas bendiciones en nuestras vidas, por el resto de la semana.

Thanks mom for sending me that stuff. I´ve been making more stuff, like omletes and...eggs n´ stuff hahaha. I´m trying to find other things to learn. Oh! I know what I should learn, Chili rellenos, where you have a giant chili and you cover it in egg i think and its filled with meat and potatos I think. Really good. Also mom, I have realized that vegetables taste good when they´re hot. FINALLY RIGHT!?

Oh, one thing I know that would be lovely to get for my birthday. A nice sketch pad, some illustration pencils, eraser, etc. My comp has some stuff because his grandma sends him stuff to draw because he used to draw a little bit, but he doesn´t really so I´m drawing cool stuff like birds and portraits and all.
Zone soccer game: Elders and Hermanas.

We played soccer today as most of the zone because everyone in the zone is active and stuff. It´s super fun! 

I love you Mom!!!

I love you DAD!!!

I love you Thanny!!

Elder Garner

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