Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015 Last Day in San Nicolas?

Dear Mom,

I remembered the other things I was going to ask for:

Moleskin Journals, they don´t sell them here, could you try to get me a couple pretty fast I only have 74 pages(days) left in mine right now.

Spanish vocabulary book: once I´m pretty comfortable with my spanish and all, I´ll be able to learn a lot of vocab of a bunch of stuff.

Well I have officially finished Training! I don´t know where I am going yet (or staying) or who my next companion is, They´ll tell us tonight and we´ll change tomorrow. Overall, I´m feeling better and better with my spanish, and everyone tells me that I have learned it super fast. I can´t speak as well as I´d like, but that just means that I have high standards and that I´m going to keep improving.
Davis and a buddy Elder J from the Dominican Republic.
Sounds like the birds are pretty good. Don´t worry about spotting rare birds. the only way you can see rare birds is if you´re really looking for them(99% of the time, except for this Old lady I met while looking at a reddish egret, she accidentally came across that AND told me that she accidentally came across a Hooded Warbler a couple of weeks ago, What Luck for her!) I saw some Broad-billed hummingbirds, which my companion called ninja birds, some Western Tanagers, Ruby Crowned Kinglet, House Wren, yeah. The hummingbirds were a treat. I still have not had the opportunity to go birding on a p-day yet...sometime.
A park in San Nicolas
Yea! Nathaniel doesn´t have me to wrestle anymore. [Davis’ response to a report that Mom is having a hard time recovering from Nathaniel’s built up energy on Sunday evenings. He is too big to wrestle poor old Mom.]  Just make him go walk the dog to the park and make them play. Is he going to have new classes soon? Tell me if he has spanish class. Me animaría si lo tuviera. 

I´m trying to think of things to tell you, but there Isn´t anything investigator wise. O is excelling in the church though. It is awesome. He is now 1st counselor of the Deacon´s quorum and he always gets to church early. He´s got his own scripture bag now where he puts his bible, his triple(BOM,D&C,PGP) his duty to god, and some pamphlets that he has. I´m pretty sure he´s in second Nephi now with his reading. He´s just super duper good mom. I´m just kind of nervous for him in the future. I hope that he will have enough money to serve a mission and such. That´s a long time away, but O is already talking about it hahahaha.
Davis relates well to 12 year old boys.
We have been scraping the bottom of our area looking for new people to teach. A couple days ago we were walking on the streets asking every lady that was sweeping if we could help them out with anything. They always say "No, acabo de terminar, que amable jovenes." which means "No I just finished, but how nice of you, youths" We had talked to three sweepy ladies in the day, and none of them had been interested, we come up to the fourth and ask, she gives us almost the same phrase. But then! she asks us "Que necesitan? ¿Quieren un vaso de agua? pásense!" which means "Do you need anything?, want a glass of water, come on in!" We had some water with this lady, and then we started to talk to her. She said that missionaries had passed by her a couple years before, and that they taught her and her daughter (We didn't meet her daughter). She said that the past few years she and her daughter didn´t get along very well, but now her daughter would let her kiss her and hug her, all that stuff that moms like to do, ya know? Wow I don´t really remember how it got to here, but we committed her to getting baptized! and we´re going to go see her and her daughter today with a couple of members in the evening when P-day is over (6pm). We had been trying different and new ways to find people for a while, but wow we finally found one that´s quite interested! I know that the Lord has prepared people to receive the Gospel, and that If we are diligent we can find them!

How are you guys doing with everything mom? I miss you too. Sometimes it´s hard to listen to some of the music that I have because I get homesick. I´m working really hard though. How´s family home evening and family prayer and scripture reading? This Sunday the bishop here got on the case of the members and told them that they need to be more active in the gospel. More temple visits to do temple work. More sharing the gospel. More scripture reading. Paying full tithing. it was bold, but loving. I think you guys are doing great on everything mom. I know that It´s really hard for you to do all of this stuff mom, because your classes have been taking so much time (you wrote this at 1 in the morning!) I can promise you that If you pray together as a family that you will have a bit more energy,and a bit more time to do fun things with dad and thanny (and patrick the prince of puppies...spoiled dog)

If I get transferred, and there is a not as safe ciber, then I might stop sending pictures. I´ll send a couple today
Buying crepes and if I know anything about Davis it is filled with Nutella.
I love you mom! Keep working Hard and Loving harder!
Tell Nathaniel that he should get a hobby, like drawing or something for when he is bored on Sundays.

Oh if you can please maintain and clean/fill the hummingbird feeders. Hummingbird migration starts kind of early on the west coast, and we had a lot of hummingbirds last year so they might come back! [Seriously, he wants me to feed the hummingbirds too?]

Tell dad that there´s a member that reminds me of him because he tells the same silly kind of jokes.
The fellow with the guitar reminds Davis of his dad.
¡Les amo muchísimo! 

Elder Garner

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