Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015 San Nicolas

2015.03.09 San Nicolas
Hey mom!

Guess what...I STAYED! [Meaning, Davis wasn’t transferred to a new area this time.] With Elder Jones too! I´m in the good ol´ward of Nicolas Bravo for one more change. It´s still a bit tough to be in the smallest area of the mission, but I´ve come to love the people here so much that it doesn´t matter. It probably means that I´m out of here in 6 weeks though.

I was thinking about the same thing this week. We have had two investigators that are youths, and they are good kids and they really want to get baptized, but their group of friends is not good and their parents don´t support them. Most of them just live with their moms or one parent, and their parents don´t care want they do or where they do. This leaves them to get into drugs and immorality and all of those bad things. It´s really sad.Iit´s really hard for them to make good decisions, even though they want to, because of the peer pressure and the lack of support. It makes me feel really blessed that I have you two as parents that have helped me with everything. One of the investigators just moved, but the other one is K, a 13 year old boy. He´s at the age where he needs the most support, the most help to stay away from the evil of the world. Fortunately, his mom supports him to be baptized and go to church. Unfortunately, his parents are separated and such, and it´s kind of a mess I really don´t know. Fortunately, we have a young couple helping us teach him and they are super loving and they´re starting to become his second parents to say. I really worry about these young boys, K and O. K is planning to get baptized on the 22nd of March. Sounds like you´re doing great out there, and don´t worry about the journals and stuff, I´m about done with this but I got a journal as a Christmas present from the mission that I´m using as a study journal so I can put my entries in there for a bit.

Sounds like California is super pretty, keep sending me pictures. The rain just cleared up this morning and all of the mountains looked super pretty. It´s going to rain more this week though.

Tell Thanny I say "Good luck!" [track meet this week]

Is there anything you want to know, maybe on the blog you could ask if anyone has questions and they could post them and then send them to me and I could answer them.

Oh also, Who got into BYU?

Love you,



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