Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015 San Nicolas

Hey Mom!

Ok first I got to tell you a SWEET bird story that I JUST HAD. We got up to go on a run, and we were running to this other park in our area that has a station for working out and stuff. We got to the work out area, and we were about to get super ripped, but then we heard a weird call. Elder J is now a birder (it always rubs off! it happened with Bryce, Deven got reactive in birding and now he´s gonna major in it or something, it´s super cool!) but he went over to the tree. The call we heard was just a great tailed grackle mating call (they were doing mating dances too) but we both found this one small plump bird sitting in the tree above. "What could this be?" walk around the tree a little bit, stop. the bird turns it´s head and MOUNTAIN PYGMY OWL!!!!! It was so cool! it flew over to another nearby tree and we followed it and just watched it for about thirty minutes, it called a little bit and cocked its head a couple of times. Elder J said "I´ve never seen an owl so tiny!" oh it was super cool. We didn´t work out, but we saw a super sweet bird. Life bird for me. I also got another life bird this week, Blue-headed Vireo. I´ll have to send you my mission bird list that I have up to now, it´s not very big.

Just in case you don't have your Birds of North America field guide handy, this is what these birds look like.  Owl photo from

Anyway, this week was tough, but really we did super well. K is preparing for the 31st of March to be baptized and now the whole ward is going to be involved in preparing the baptism, which is great! We just need to make sure that it´s reverent. I´ve still been practicing the piano, and I´ve been getting better. This Sunday the pianist was sick and so the first counselor (pianists husband) asked if I could play...look at the songs...yes I know them all! I can play "All creatures of our god and king" now which I thought I could never learn. I love that song, but I´m pretty sure they don´t know it here (they don´t know a lot of hymns hahaha)

We found some super crazy lady this week, but we had a super powerful lesson with her too. She was talking and talking and we were able to take control of the lesson very smoothly and we delivered her a very spirit filled lesson of the  restoration. I realized in that lesson that I´ve gotten pretty good at speaking spanish. She told us that she could feel the spirit and understand that the things we were teaching must be...but she wasn´t willing to do anything about it. For some reason she couldn´t go to church and she couldn´t pray with us, hahahaha. She kept calling us guerito, which means little whitey hahahaha. Elder J and I have had a lot of great teaching experiences together and I´m glad that I have another change with him.

Good Job Nathaniel!  I´m still putting on sunscreen but now because there hasn´t been any sun for a while, it´s been rainy and cloudy hahahaha. I think it´s been like that more than it has been sunny for the time I´ve been in Mexico (5 months).  [Mom told Davis about Nathaniel’s track meet and to make sure he wears sunscreen.]

I love you guys! Keep going!

Elder Garner

p.s. did this picture send?

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