Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March 25, 2015 San Nicolas

HEY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I didn´t tell you we went to the temple today, but we went to the temple today! It was amazing actually. I went in the temple with a question, and boy did I come out with an answer! Wow I´m just super stoked about that, i´ll write you a letter about that today. Elder J and I also discovered some of the mysteries of the temple, it was pretty incredible as well, because we were studying the scriptures together in the celestial room and one thing lead to another and boom...we definitely learned more than one new thing about the temple today.

Ok here´s a super cool experience that I had. We have been visiting this old lady named Sister F, she´s the mom of an inactive member. We taught her a lesson and after, she asked "Hey can you give a blessing to my mom? she´s super sick." Well sure, we go into this room and there´s this super old tiny lady stuck in her bed and all. Well, we gave her a blessing (I´m feeling alright about giving blessings in spanish now) and went on our way. The next week we came back to teach Sister F and she said "Hey ever since you gave my mom a blessing she´s been super good!" well what do you know but a little old lady shuffles out of her room "Hola elderes" shakes our hands and goes somewhere else in the house..."Wow Sister F, she really is better!" "What did I tell you?" When you think of Sister F, think of boopas but Mexican, she´s awesome.

another experience, we got a reference of a lady who is suffering from diabetes (here they say they are suffering from sugar) and she wanted a blessing. right now she has had two toes amputated and she has a lot of pain. Well after we left her and returned she said that she felt more peaceful and everytime that we were with her her pain wasn´t as strong, or it was much more bearable. I have seen a couple of miracles on my mission so far, it´s amazing. I have a firm testimony that Joseph Smith restored the Priesthood of God and that miracles still exist.

K is getting ready for his baptism this upcoming tuesday, he is super excited. We are super excited for him too. He´s a super lovable kid and he´s pretty funny too.

O´s Parents have been developing and developing and they are slowly getting there! They promised that they would fast to know for certain if they should get married and baptized. Oh I love them so much and I worry about O a lot right now. He´s doing super well though in everything and he should be in the middle of Mosiah in this reading right now.

GOOD JOB NATHANIEL! AWESOME! [On a track meet result.]

So much is happening mom I love being a missionary! It´s super hard but super awesome!!!!

I love you!

Elder Garner

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