Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27 Cienega de Flores

Dear mom,

Thanks so much for the words of encouragement. I´ve been doing a lot better this week. It´s still been pretty rough. Here we have a lot of investigators come and go really fast, they love to listen, but don´t want to act. We did have two people in church this sunday however, which was exciting. There was one wonderful experience that I had this week, but it´s more personal and I don´t want to share it publically. In Preach my gospel, It says that we shouldn´t share spiritual experiences as if they are pokemon cards. Ok it doesn´t say THAT, but similar. They´re sacred moments that we have had and we should only be shared for the benefit of others, to help build their testimonies and feel the spirit, not to brag or anything. One thing that I have talked about a couple of times is the economic difficulties that our familty has had in the past, in general, and how as a kid I really didn´t feel afraid because my parents were faithful and strong in the church. Everything turned out better than before and now they can spend all of their time breaking our house (hahaha.) But, I´ve been trying to be really sensitive to the spirit to know what I should share and what I should hold onto, especially because I have never been asked to give a talk in church...with more than a five minutes notice. ahahahah it really is a dandy thing though, I feel that I´m always prepared to share something and give the members some cheer and uplifted spirit through what I say. I think my spanish is best behind the pulpit.

Anyway, I got my birthday package, that book from grandma, the blanket too. I got the journals and the book and the hymn book out, and the hi-chews too(everyone enjoyed those) Remember I won´t write you next monday, but wednesday. We don´t know what we will be doing for mother´s day because there is no good place(or member´s house) with good enough internet, so we might have to get permission to go all the way to san nicolas(sweet) to go to a special cyber cafe to do it, and it might be on the monday right after mother´s day. We´ll figure it out this week and let you know next wednesday.

Birds birds birds. Lots of birds here in Cienega. I FINALLY SAW A CRESTED CARACARA! I saw a bunch actually in some field, it was awesome. I also saw a painted bunting. I was never too eager to see one before because in the illustrations they always have the red eye-ring and they look evil, but this one was seen on top of a bush singing, super gorgeous. There are also many Pyrroluxia here, the "Desert Cardinals" a couple northern Cardinals, Some cool Common Nighthawks, and many other birds.

Ok here is a cool experience I had (to share with everyone) I was on divisions in a different area with Elder W. We were walking down a  road and passed by two people hacking at some giant log (actually one of them was a lazy 25yr old and the other was like a 50 yr old lady) I asked, "Hey can we help you?" Sure! We started cutting the giant log, sweating a bunch, getting blisters and all, super awesome. We cut that one and moved on to the next. as we rotated in cutting it, we taught them about the gospel of jesus christ, and introduced the book of mormon, they were really receptive. We got nearly done with the log, and then stopped and I said "You know, cutting this log is a lot like the gospel, you guys can watch us finish this log and feel good because the job is done, or you could finish it yourself and feel even more accomplished. With the Gospel, we can listen to the word of god and feel the spirit, but even better is to follow said teachings and recieve unexplainable joy." Elder W set an appointment, and we left about 1/4 of the log to finish. It was pretty awesome, but then we had sore backs hahahaha.

Sounds, and looks like nathnaiel is doing great. tell him that starting the first lap by telling a joke to someone is fun(hahaha i don´t know if he should do it or not, I did it a couple of times, but i don´t know if it affects the race.) Anyway, I´m doing great again, still.

I love you all,

Elder Garner
This is a photo from the National Wildlife Refuge to show what Crested Caracara look like.  Davis didn't take this pic.

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