Thursday, July 2, 2015

2015-06-29 Cienega de Flores

Dear mom!

Sounds like everything is great! hhaahahahahahahaha I was so happy to read all of that and it was so funny to see Nathaniel in his goofy outfits! He`s goofier than I was (but you’re cool Nathaniel, you`re cool)
At the SLC temple grounds, S. Garner (cousin) and Nathaniel (wearing DAVIS' shirt and tie).  Davis probably wishes he had had blue shoes to go with it.
Wow Thanks so much mom. I did read that experience in the Liahona [Link to Article] and I thought to myself "Well no problem if I just stay in Cienega another change" Sometimes I think "Goodness gracious, How is it that I am throwing it all out, talking with everyone and doing everything I can and I can`t even get anyone in church, meanwhile there are other missionaries in other zones baptizing everyday every night? What am I doing wrong?" This is a very famous missionary question. I prayed about it and knelt there at my bed for a while and I just felt "Keep going!" I guess Cienega is a pretty old town built on a catholic backround (as is all of Mexico, the white stripe in the flag represents the catholic church) and there are a lot of people who live there but work very far away and so they`re never home.
Here is a shot of one day from Davis' schedule notebook
Here`s a cool experience though. We went to San Nico to go play soccer with the other missionaries this morning, and after the long bus ride we took a taxi and I was talking to the guy. I thought "ok, we`re going to do something more fun than just straight up contact him." "Hey, we want to sing you a song." Luckily I had a choir of three missionaries in the backseat, and we sang him "families can be together forever." It was a good lesson taught in a taxi, but when we asked if we could visit him, he said "ah I live very far Cienega de Flores." "Oh perfect we live there! We just came from there." We`re going to go visit him to see how interested he really is.

We had a branch activity that us 4 missionaries planned. It was great! We started out with a spiritual activity and then played volleyball and water balloons. The members were super animated from that, and we`re going to do them every Saturday. There were even more people in the church this Sunday.

Hahahahah I don`t know what else I can tell you with my limited time. There`s a lot that happens always. I Feel like I`m working very hard, even If I`m not seeing all the results. Thanks for the encouragement.

I`ll let you know what happens this week...NEXT WEEK!

I love you all!

Elder Davis Garner

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