Sunday, July 26, 2015

2015-07-20 Independencia

Hey mom!
[Davis responded to seeing pictures of the renovations we have done at the house since he left on his mission.] first, you said your room, and then ya room. Do I have a room in New Jersey now or something? Go to ya room misstur dAAAAviiis! well that´s how it would be wouldn´t it. But I feel like I´m going to come home to a different house than what I left from. Who was the returned missionary? I remember when Dad first told me that RMs that don´t tell stories give boring talks. Sister E had just got back along with J. s. and she just told stories for 20 minutes and he told all of the doctirne that she didn´t speak about. hahahaha.
Anyway, here in mexico it´s just peachy Dandy....hahahah just kidding it´s super hot. The canicula started...which are a 40 hottest days of the year. Honestly it isn´t that bad when we´re outside and it´s sunny and stuff. I mean it´s super hot but I can deal with it. But it is killer at night, because the house is an oven and my fan just blows me that hot air in the house! But when we wake up it´s all good because we only have cold water, i like that. 

Davis with "M" and her family

Davis and Elder T (old companion)

Davis and Elder R (new companion)

Independencia neighborhood


The work is going. I guess it´s still weird to open an area and have nothing, but we got someone in church today. Her name is "F". She is a 16 yr old girl who just moved back to live with her mother and sisters, and she is super ready to be baptized. all of them are recent converts from about 6 months ago, and they are super active and enthusiastic about everything in the church. I can clearly see the work of the Lord here in this family, how this family came in contact with the church, was baptized and confirmed, and cultivated the love and faith in their home that would nurture a returning daughter with many problems, looking for a change. It´s pretty incredible to be honest.
We are teaching another family (except the father :/) And they are pretty swell too. They couldn´t come to church yesterday, and I have a funny story about it (well it´s funny for me) In our weekly planning, we were talking about this family and how we were going to help them prepare to get baptized, what we were going to teach next, etc. I said "We have to teach about the opposition in the next lesson, because I KNOW it is going to hit them soon." Well we went to the lesson, taught the plan of salvation, very cool and all. The day before the two sons went to the mutual activity and such. At the end of the lesson I ask, "So is everything good for sunday?" and then the mother says "Oh, we just got a surprise from my daughter that she´s going to come and take us on a little trip until monday!" NOOOOOOO! hahahahaha I got stabbed in the heart! I explained the opposition, and told them to not worry about it, and come next week.
I found a lot of cool things in the Book of Mormon this week, but at the moment I cant recall anything. But I never knew that the third verse of "How firm a foundation" was based on Isaiah 41:10, so when I found that I was pretty excited.
But anyway, Good week, I love you guys!

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