Monday, October 5, 2015

2015.09.28 Independencia

Wow neat! Sorry you didn´t get the joke. here is the scripture in spanish:

 How  beautiful  upon  the  mountains  are  the  feet  of  him that  bringeth  good  tidings;  that  publisheth  peace;  that bringeth  good  tidings  of  good;  that  publisheth  salvation; that  saith  unto  Zion,  Thy  God  reigneth;

it´s funny because me feet aren´t blessed. BUT EVEN MORE SO. I went to the doctor on friday to take out that toe nail, and the doctor said "uh huh, I´m not taking that out. that´s infected." So guess what, I gotta take pills for a week so it disinfects itself and so it isn´t as inflammed. The worst part is that I´m not supposed to walk on it...for the whole week. That is the worst part. I´ve got to wait until next friday to take it out. So this friday and saturday I spent most of the day inside...dying to get out and teach. It really isn´t fun to stay in. But I guess I´m gonna learn something from this and then I´ll be even more out and about to preach the word. I can still visit the people if a member drives us to the appointments we have, but there are only two active members in our ward that have cars, and they work most of the day. Actually, a less active member we are helping out gave us a ride to an appointment and later to the pharmacy to buy the medicine I needed. I´ll stop talking about this so Seth doesn´t go walking around saying "Hy did you read about what Elder Garner did this week?...Toenails Bro!"

But I´ve been doing great! Besides that, Elder R and I are just about done together, but we had a good run. Elder ruiz is super ready to tackle any task now and he is feeling ready to preach the gospel for the rest of his mission (and life.) I don´t know what else to saay about that, but I´m feeling pretty good. I don´t know what is going to happen (as always) but I´ll find out tonight, and you´ll find out next week hahaha.

During my time in the house, I was able to  finish the book of Alma. It´s always tough for everyone because it ends with a lot of chapters of war, and there isn´t too much preaching or teaching to be found. BUT, if you read carefully, there are many hidden treasures. Let´s look at the epistle of Helaman in chapter 58. He starts to talk about how they are suffering from lack of rations and lack of more troops. He doesn´t know why they aren´t recieveing provisions, and he says this:

34 Now we do not know the cause that the government does not grant us more strength; neither do those men who came up unto us know why we have not received greater strength.
35 Behold, we do not know but what ye are unsuccessful, and ye have drawn away the forces into that quarter of the land; if so, we do not desire to murmur.
This is what I noticed. First, He makes it clear that he does not know the reason. He says it twice hear. For that he does not judge and says that he doesn´t desire to murmur. I thought that was super neat. We should always think why Mormon included THAT scripture when we are reading, and how it applies to us. We can apply this in our days, many things we don´t know, why people act certain ways, why people do things, why people feel certain ways, why they say things. We shouldn´t complain for the actions of others when we don´t have a logical or reasonable answer to explain why they do that. For example, we shouldn´t judge an elder that stays in his house all day...because maybe he has a n ingrown toenail hahahahahhaha.

Anyway, I think that´s all I´ve got for today. It is pretty sad that Elder Scott died, but That means that we will have 3 new apostoles this next week. (Wow!)

I love you all, keep safe and not as sick as my toe!

Elder Garner

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