Sunday, October 11, 2015

2015.10.07 Independencia

Hey Mom!
The surgery went pretty well. The doctor cut into the nailbed on both sides so that it doesn´t grow back, but now I have to wait until next monday to take out the stitches and be able to walk. I guess the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak! (I am still in Indepe)
Sounds like Thanny did a good job. That is a pretty fun course because you can set your own course (Ohhhhh, I´ll set my course, now when I´m young...) [Note to reader:  Nathaniel ran a race in a park where both boys attended an 11-year old scout camp called "Set Your Course"] Anyway. I´m pretty tired right now because I had a small fever yesterday and my kidneys kind of hurt right now, but do not worry mom. Since my toe isn´t ready I´m staying in home and resting. It´s not very fun, I´d rather be outside, but I´m learning from the trials. I´ve been "ponderizing" the scripture Romans 5:3-5...that more or less says: we rejoice in tribulation, because with tribulation comes patience, and patience experience, and experience hope, and hope does not ashame, because it brings the love of God through the Holy Ghost that is given to us. I will be able to be more receptive to the Holy Ghost, which is a wonderful thing!
I loved the General conference. I felt the holy ghost confirm to me that the three new apostles were called of God.  I really enjoyed Elder Nelson´s talk, mentioning the importance of Women in the Gospel. I was really impacted by that talk, along with Holland´s and the two women speakers, how important women are in the Gospel. I don´t have that much energy to write, but I thank you mom, for being the best mom I´ve ever had (the only mom I´ve ever had) and all of the important women in the church, like Sis. Waldren and her rapunzel hair hahahha. 
I got wider shoes, and I will get my pants fixed.
Tell thanny to ponderize one of the scripture mastery scriptures he´s reading and I´ll do it with him :)
Elder Garner
p.s. I wrote today because it was our temple day, but I didn´t go because I don´t feel 100%

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