Sunday, October 25, 2015

2015.10.19 Independencia

Dear Mom,

What that`s so crazy that thanny ran a 16:18! Sheesh that`s fast, Sophmore year I ran a 16:59 so he beat me bad.

Right now I don`t really have much to say. It is awesome to be working again in the mission field. My area, finally admitting it, is a tough area. But that`s ok, I guess I just have to keep digging deeper to find miracles. Maybe it`s like digging or a spring. You keep digging and digging, and maybe you might get descouraged, but you can`t stop because you don`t know how close you are to break water. So I`m going to keep digging. My companion says that I`m like Elder Calhoun from The Best Two Years because I contact everyone. I haven`t even seen half of that movie. I`m pretty sure that it was shown in seminary 2 or three times, but I always fell asleep! But seminary teachers are the best.

Don`t worry mom about the gym, because I only have 30 minutes to work out everyday, and I don`t feel like it is enough. I can`t go out to run and I don`t have enough room to jump rope in the house, so I usually just to basic excersizes such as pushups and core and jumping up and down until I wake up the downstairs neighbors (haha.)

I don`t know what to think about BYU right now, Spanish and Book of Mormon studies would probably be the easiest classes to take for me when I be back. Unfortunately they would be easier than Ornithology, because I basically have forgotten all of that (well of course not, It`s hard for me to forget things, but I`m dormant in the cause.)

My companion and I do not wrestle [Note to reader: Davis was asked if, since he and his companion have been on their missions for the same amount of time, did they wrestle to see who was the "senior" companion], although that would probably be fun. I know that this letter is short and not very exciting, but I promise that I will have a wonderful story next week, because I am going to have a great week!

I love you!

Elder Garner

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