Sunday, October 18, 2015

2015.10.12 Independencia

Doctor Cortinas- the doctor that fixed my toe forever. his name is funny because it kind of sounds like corteuñas, which means nail cutter. That´s the joke of the day.

This is "Doctors Hospital" They say it´s one of the best 10 hospitals in the world.


Gosh I am feeling good! Let me tell you a couple things. First, I just got my stitches out and YAY I can walk again! I can run too, but probably not as fast as thanny right now. I am supposed to wait to play soccer for a week, but I don´t plan on playing for a bit. Also, I am eternally greatful that I have a mom like you. I remember on wednesday feeling terrible, and hesistant to tell you about my physical state, but I knew I should. The next morning I woke up without any pain! I know that it was your prayers that gave me that strength. I certainly know it. I started to remember the talk By Elder Holland  and thinking about how you were probably praying for me. Then when Sister McArthur [Mission President's wife] called me, I was even more certain. Thank you mom, I love you.

Well I don´t have much news from this last week, being that I was in bed all week, but now I won´t be. One thing I did do was finish the Book of Mormon for the 6th time in the mission, and I learned even more than the last time. I was trying to learn all about what the book of mormon taught about prophets, and President McArthur gave me the task of writing down and categorizing all of the scriptures and references that I found. Writing all of it down was a task, but I did find many more teachings from doing so. Organizing them I was able to see the great relationship that Prophets have with God the Father, with Jesus Christ, with the Holy Ghost, and with us. Their importance in our lives is great, because as it says in D&C 84, those who accept my servants accept my son, and those who accept my son accept me. We were very blessed to have been able to listen to the prophets and apostles this past week. Actually, we are going to have a 70 visit us this month, Elder Peiper, he´s of the area presidency in Mexico, so that should be excitng.

My new companion is Elder T, from Puebla Mexico. He has the same time as me in the mission, and is 20 years old. I have never had a companion that has been younger than me in age still (neat-o).

That´s good that thanny had a good race, my second time in clovis I came in dead last because I was super sick that day, how terrible was that! hahaha, I went home and slept all day. It was pretty humiliating. Anyway, I hope thanny is doing well in school too. Who´s his seminary teacher? Is Sister Bennett still teaching for Junior year? I´m fine with thanny using my room and all, as long as he prints a scripture and puts it in the corner of the mirror each week to PONDERIZE muahahahahaha. in spanish ponderize is meditizar...que padre.

My bank card is working , and the water here is fine, but if you want to send me a water filter thing the water would taste 10 times better, and there are some areas that don´t have cleanish water. That´s cool that dad is the secretary. Here in the missionary the secretaries don´t get much sleep, but there are two marriage missionaries that are secretaries, and I bet they know how to get sufficent sleep. My sleep habits are better than I´ve ever had in my life, so that´s pretty good. I remember when I came to the MTC and said "We get 8 hours of sleep?! That´s a ton!"

Anyway I´m going to do a bunch of missionary work this week,

I love you all,

Elder Garner

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