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2015.11.02 Independencia

2015.11.02 Independencia
Hey Mom,

This week was pretty good, and it wasn´t too hot. Lemme answer your questions:

1. Capacitation is like a conference basically. as in capacity, not as decapitated, decapitation.

2.Elder Pieper did come, and many of the missionaries DID think that they were going to get decapitated instead of capacitated. I felt pretty capacitated, with my head fully incontact, so that was swell. He talked a lot about the Mexico Area Plan and how we as missionaries take full part of it. Then he just answered questions that we had. he was super good at teaching, and he could answer our questions and then some! I hope more general authorities come to the mission before I finish.

3. I think we are going to try to do it next week. We got permision so that´s good.

4.Hmm, well the story would have been a lot cooler if A had come to church this past week, because he didn´t. It was neat because he wanted to come to church, but he had recently started to work and he worked on sundays. We had talked about praying to be able to have his day off on sunday, so that he could come. Last friday, I recieved a call from him, in which he cancelled our appointment, but he told me that he had talked to his boss, and that his boss gave him the day off on sundays! (Que Padre!) So now he doesn´t work on sunday, there´s a little miracle, now he just needs to get to the chapel hahahaa.

J was confirmed a member of the Church yesterday, and I had the blessing of confirming him. It was a very special moment for me, because I had never confirmed anyone before. I was a bit nervous, but as I began I could feel the Holy Ghost with me, and I knew that he could feel it when I said "Recieve the Holy Ghost:" (well I didn´t say that, I said: Recibe el Espíritu Santo.) The chapel was full of the spirit during that fast and testimony meeting, and J bore his testimony, talking about the importance of prophets and his gratitude towards us as missionaries.

I guess you could say this area is kind of hard, but that´s not really important. We haven´t really found many people to teach this week, which is kind of a bummer but it´s no big deal, well keep on truckin´.

This morning we went to some restaurant that a member of our area has to go eat. We ate a bunch of tacos de barbacoa and got super full, and it was cool because it was all free (for us hahaha) The family is inactive, but they´re really nice and Elder T and I are visiting them to help them come back to church. It´s a family business, and the son is really full of spunk and a super funny guy.

This halloween wasn´t anything special. Last Halloween someone threw eggs at us, and this year nothing happened...está bien.

I started the Book of Mormon again, so that´s fun. I´m trying to learn about the examples of pride and how destructive it is so I can avoid it better.

I think that´s all I have for you this week, let´s hope that this week something funny happens,


Elder Davis Garner

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