Sunday, November 29, 2015

2015.11.23 Independencia

Hey mom!

Firstly, I don´t even remember what Thanksgiving is, but that´s whatever. I´ve started to sing Christmas hymns in the lessons, and in the streets and such. It´s starting to get a bit colder, so now I can put on a sweater and use more blankets. That´s pretty neat I guess, because now I don´t sweat through every pair of clothes I wear. that´s about it BYE! 

[Davis sent a second email.]
nah just kidding, this was a pretty good week. We´re getting in the Christmas spirit now. As a mission I guess we are trying to do as many service projects as possible for the Christmas season. Our District did one this Wednesday. We headed over to another area, and we helped an investigator cut down some trees and clean up his backyard. I guess the most reliable and only tool that they use here in Mexico is the machete, so there was some hacking and some Missionaries pretending to be Ammon protecting the Flocks of King Lamoni. (Luckily there were no missionaries pretending to be lamanites scattering the flock.) It was pretty fun, and I´m pretty sure that it will help that investigator feel a lot better about what we do so he can continue to progress.

We haven´t been finding many people to teach, but we have two investigators that are progressing, and that is exciting, because they both have th the goal in their mind to get baptized. One of them is "A", and he came to church again this sunday. He is feeling a lot healthier and a lot closer to God, and a lot less shy. That makes me pretty happy. Changes are coming up in three weeks, and I don´t think that I will be able to see "A" get baptized, but I want to keep helping him progress and recieve the blessings of the restored gospel for as long as I can.

There´s this one video that I really like (actually two, but the both have the same song and basically the same message.) We have been sharing it with the members, and have been encouraging them to look for opportunities to serve in this Christmas season. I feel really good everyday, full of joy, because I am trying to help all recieve this gladness, and the Lord is blessing us more and more, slowly but surely, with more opportunities to help mankind, in spite of the large gatherings of people for Catholic traditions. I want to share the video(s) with you, and make the same invitation:That you all can go looking for ways to serve, and that you can help spread the Spirit of CHRISTmas
What Shall We Give? - Christmas Music Video

this one has President Monson speaking (both good for Family home evening, and up there with the family for thanksgiving)
What Shall We Give? President Monson

OK so just a heads up for an awesome week.

I love you all,

Elder Garner

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