Monday, November 23, 2015

2015.11.16 Independencia

Elder W and I (Elder W was in the MTC with me and is from Redondo Beach CA)

" many stairs.."

On Mon, Nov 16, 2015 at 5:24 PM, Davis Garner <> wrote:
Hey Mom!

Well I guess I will be in independencia for one more change at least! wow, that´ll be almost 6 months Nicolas Bravo. This change will end one week early though, because the change would have normally ended on the 21st, but there are no flights for the missionaries going home, nor the missionaries coming to the mission, so it will be one week early. but, I will still be here in Independencia for one of the biggest mexican holidays: Day of the Virgin Maria Guadalupe. 12th of December is supposively her birthday, but has started since the end of october. There are many traditional dancers, dancing parades, pilgramiges, and it´s all so abundant here in our area because they have the largest catholic church here in Independencia, called the Vasilica. Coming closer to the day, the parade and pilgrimage groups are now every day and more frequent. I´m not one to complain, but the most busy day is sunday, and they all pass by our small chapel to reach the center, so you can imagine taking the sacrament while people are passing by banging drums and chanting prayers. I do like that they sell churros all over the area now, and they´re very cheap... Mmmmmm....Churrrros!

It sounds like Thanny did a really good job in his last race this season, and that he has developed some good mental strength. He does seem to be more crazy than me. I think that If I came home right now, I would be too serious of a person. My companion said that I´ve been a bit too serious. I guess that obedience and diligence doesn´t have to come boxed with being super serious. Maybe my "a bit too serious" is not that serious, but I´m really trying to learn that there is a time and a place for everything. I guess when a pilot tries to adust his flight settings, he wavers a tiny bit to the left and to the right, so I´ll waver a little bit as I try to find the perfect fit.

Anyway, what else. J got the Aaronic priesthood last week (SICK DAWG) he didn´t come to church this week because he had to go to the clinic to check his leg that day, but he is just a lot happier, a lot of members visit him and he has a lot of support. Alexis had to work more and couldn´t come to church, that was sad, and he was sad, but we will try to encourage him so he never gives up.

Hmm, not the most spiritual email, sorry. You can read my journal when I get home (or when I send it, cuz I´m about to finish this one.)
Talk you you next week!

I love you

Elder Garner

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