Friday, July 29, 2016

2016.07.25 Nuevo Laredo

Davis, O, and Elder L.
Hey Mom!

O got baptized! and she got confirmed! and our zone was the most baptizing zone this change! Awesome week! O´s story is a good one. We were praying at the end of the first week this last change to know where to work, and after praying we looked at the map, and we pointed to a colony named "las torres" so I looked at elder L and he said "I think we should work there too." So we made a list of all of the less active families and contacted them all. We found O and her kids, who are all members. We started to teach her, and she had some stuff in her life that wasn´t quite in line with the gospel. she wanted to change everything, but she said it wasn´t her time yet. we prayed and we fasted for her on fast sunday. We kept going with her, being persistent and inviting her to be baptized on a certain date. She refused, until one day we went to her house and she told us that she was going to move (as I told you last week.) Well that was her wake up call, thinking that she could take that for her new start. She made plans to quit her new job, to do a lot of stuff, and then after two days she decided not to move, but she still planned to quit her job and rechange her whole house, etc. She felt very prepared after the baptismal interview, and she had a great experience with her confirmation. I baptized her and Elder L confirmed her. I feel that she was one of those people that my patriarcial blessing said I would find, because she told us that one of the reasons why she decided that it was her moment to change was the happiness that elder L and I emmulated.

Sad news, Elder L is getting changed for the last change noooo! My new companion will be Elder M for the last 3 weeks, and I already know him and he´s super awesome, so it will go well. These last three weeks are going to be just as the rest of my mission, all I got!

Have you got the iternery yet? I didn´t. I´ll tell the secretary to send it to you today.
[Davis will be returning to Los Angeles Intl. Airport on Thursday, August 18.]

Elder garner

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