Tuesday, October 28, 2014

10/28/14 Monterrey Mexico – Mission Home

[Davis arrived in Monterrey Mexico 10/27/14 and spent the night at the mission home ("headquarters/office") He sent this message 10/28/14 before he was assigned a trainer/companion and sent out to his first area assignment.]

They gave us a little time to let you know that I´m well in Mexico. It´s really nice here and there’s a super cool mountain. The sierra madres are great. I haven´t gotten my trainer yet but I will in about an hour. I´ll let you know how my first week goes next Monday. 

So the mail address is 

Calle Chiapas #2202
col. roma sur
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, 64700

It´s the same as was given before. This is the mission office and you just send it there and they disperse it from there to where you are. Meeting the mission president was great.

Also, I´ve seen Gila Woodpeckers and White winged doves, a scissor tailed flycatcher, some species of gnatcatcher, a lot of great tailed grackles, and a spindalis species (kind of like a sparrow).

I already love it here! I love you guys! Awesome picture too!


[Note to reader: the picture to which Davis is referring is the one below.]

Nathaniel is running really really well ;)


  1. So happy for Davis!! I was in the exact same place 20 years and 1 month ago. Monterrey is a beautiful city, with so much to see. The people are so hospitable, loving and sincere. Looking forward to hearing about all the experiences and adventures.