Thursday, October 16, 2014

October 16, 2014 Provo MTC

Sounds like Nathaniel is doing great at Cross Country! He already crushed my freshman time! It sounds like everything is going well ever since I left...hmmm. Must be because me being on a mission is giving all of you so many blessings

I'll tell you about a typical day in the MTC:

At 6:30 we wake up. My companion takes a long time to get ready so I make him take a shower first. We go to breakfast at 7:15, and then on most days we will have study time in the morning. We'll do personal study for an hour, companion study for an hour, and then language study for an hour. But, our language study usually gets cut short because we will go teach an "Investigator" for about 30 minutes. It is really fun to prepare for the lessons and feel the spirit in them, even if our spanish isn't great. We have lunch at 11:30 and at 1:20 we are scheduled for gym time. The past week I haven't been able to go to the field to play soccer, but our district likes to play foursquare a lot. hahaha. after that we have class again at 1:50. This is usually Hermano Clark. He'll do language teaching with us, preach my gospel stuff, "progressive investigator" which is where he will pretend to be an investigator and We'll teach him. He's a great teacher. at 4:55 we will go to dinner, and then we'll have class again at 5:40 with Hermano Lund. He started being our teacher a week and a half into being in the MTC, because before, he was one of our investigators hahaha. But now he's our teacher, and a great one too. He'll do the same types of things that Hermano Clark will do. at 9:00 we will plan for tomorrow and then at 9:30 we go to our residence and write in our journals, get ready for bed, and I sometimes have enough time to write a letter. That's a day in the MTC! Also, We have devotionals on tuesday and sunday nights and they're always really good!

Can you send me some more Songbirds of North America Stamps? You can get them at the UPS store. Hmm also some more black socks probably. I can't think of anything else...maybe some banana bread if you want to make some more (without nuts this time?)

Thanks mom! I love hearing from you guys and I love you all so much!
Also, I can buy a call card to use at the airport here at the MTC, and darn I wish you could send me the field guide now ;) Also, did you put "My Shepard will supply my need" on the cube?

I love you,


Oh a couple things I forgot.
1. I come home august 29th 2016...just in time for school! [That is the first day of theFall 2016 semester]
2. Don't send a package to Mexico without putting a picture of the Virgin Mary on it, because then there's a better chance it won't get stolen or anything.
3. Today we went to DP Cheesestake in Brighams landing for dinner, and a Jack Johnson song was on. hahaha I miss home.
4. I did initiatory today at the temple instead of an endowment session. It was fun.
5. I think we get our flight plans tomorrow.
6. I'm pretty sure I have my visa, we went to the Mexican Consulate a couple weeks ago and they just had us take a picture and scan our fingerprints. They said that getting a Visa to Mexico is easy so I'm sure that I'm good to go I think.
7.Almost got a Black Capped Chickadee to sit on my finger
8.That's about it for now. I sent a letter to you guys today. 

Love you,


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