Thursday, October 9, 2014

October 9, 2014 Provo MTC

Davis and GK
YES I DID BUMP INTO G.K. ON SATURDAY AND THEN SUNDAY AND THEN TUESDAY. So far I've seen him every time I've been over to Main Campus. 

Davis and GK as babies.
Tell Nathaniel I say AWESOME JOB! Let him know that at my first cross country race I ran a 22:00 and my first time running at lake casitas I ran a 20:42. My fastest time freshman year was an 18:36. Let him know that if he can beat my PR of 15:30 by the end of senior year I will get him something really nice (I'll have a job by then so I can do that) Cross country has taught me a lot about mental strength and it is helping me on my mission and I know it will continue to help. 

I'm almost done with Alma, I'll probably finish it today. I really love reading the book of Mormon and all that it has to offer. My companion and I usually teach three lessons a day now to "investigators" We speculate that their just new converts that work here, but it's good practice! 

The view of Mt. Timpanogos from Davis' window
On Preparation day, we will get up and first do our laundry, then we will write letters or email, and then we will go play a sport for about an hour. Today we played foursquare hahahaha, our district is all about it. I really enjoy playing soccer whenever I can get Elder G. to go on a temporary exchange to go play, since he likes soccer too. We play with this other district that is going to Cuarnavaca(?) Mexico. I don't know if that's right but I know that its just south of Mexico City. and guess what, one of the elders in that district is a Birder!!! His name is Elder Q. and he went to BYU for a year and he took the Ornithology class and said it was super fun. I'm gonna keep in touch with him, and also I'm going to email the mission president to see if I can have a field guide so be on standby for sending me the field guide to birds of mexico hahahaha.

 I don't know the brand name of the shoes, because the name was on the sole and it has been scratched off, maybe just go off of the pair I wore at home (it's the pair with the little metal thingy across that doesn't have the "D" shaped rings...or maybe it does, you'll know.) Do you think you could send me a photo album of pictures of our family and then of me with my friends. You can probably find pictures on my phone.

 I'm more than half way done with the MTC, just 18 days left! I'm super excited to go to Mexico! Also, I'm going to send a letter to our family, but then I'll also send letters to each of you individually, the first one will be for Nathaniel since I just did it. Sorry I couldn't send any this last week.

Davis and Sister S. at SLC airport on their way to the MTC
Also, The Mission President's Wife said that I can have a field guide so can you order a field guide to the birds of mexico and send it to me please please please!? Make sure you get a good one teehee :P

Also, Thanks for the banana bread, It's delicious, and the joe joes

Love you mom,


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