Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 23, 2014 Provo MTC

Davis and Elder L are ready to go to Mexico.
I'm ready to go to Mexico!

We are leaving the MTC at 3:35am Rocky Mountain time, We will probably get there around 5am and be comfortably at the terminal at 6am. So I can call at 6am when It's 5am there, when you guys are just getting up. Our plane leaves for Dallas TX.. I am going to buy a call card so I'll have a considerate amount of time to talk. We arrive in Dallas late morning in that time zone I believe (what time zone is that called?) and we have a 2 hour layover. Our plane for Monterrey will only be a half hour flight! Short flight! So I can have more time to talk in that time if you want.. Send me a Dear Elder on what time you want me to call you. I think that SLC would be the best but Dallas will probably work too. I have a goal to give someone a Book of Mormon while in the airports or at a terminal. There are additional fees for bags over 50lbs. and a carry on can at most be 40lbs. so if I need to I will be sending some extraneous things that I don't need home tomorrow in a package. 

I got the music. At first I thought that some of the classical music wouldn't be allowed (Like Gershwin) but my companion just told me classical music, even with some brass and loudness, is allowed as long as it is wholesome :). I have some requests for the next SD or whatever. "Bolero" by Maurice Ravel, "Clair de lune" By Claude Debussy, and "Gimnopedie" by Erik Satie, maybe  the compositions of the planets by Holst (just the good ones that are wholesome, like Jupiter(especially))  also, Tchaikovsky's 2nd and those other classics. Also, the MoTab album Consider the Lilies, the hymns "Lord, I would follow thee", all of the war songs like We "We are all enlisted" "Put your shoulder to the wheel" "Onward christian soldiers" etc. and "Press Forward Saints" as well as that one song that has the lyric "rest my Ebeneezer" or something like that that everyone likes to sing for special musical numbers. Also there is a good album on my phone called "Sunset in Vienna" or something like that that has a bunch of short piano solos and they're really nice. You should be able to find it there wasn't a lot of music on my phone.

As for last minute things that I need grandma to send me: Jump rope, a nice one not a plastic one, and if she can't find one then at least make sure she doesn't get a large jump rope because smaller ones are better. [Reader FYI: a jump rope has already been bundled into Davis’ Christmas package to be shipped shortly]  And a nice blue tie that I would wear because I only have one blue tie!

Here's a picture of just me and my companion Elder L at the Provo Temple one last time. The shoes are great!

Talk to you soon! I Love you!

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  1. Wish you many blessings as you serve the Lord and his people in Mexico.