Thursday, October 2, 2014

October 2, 2014

That sounds awesome that nathaniel will get to run soon! Also, I didn't know that Grant got in [the MTC] this week, I thought was next week. I'll email him today then and I might bump into him today! When we go over to the Temple, we go over to Main Campus first and eat lunch there. Apparently Bethany E. works there on Fridays, so I don't know If I'll see her, But this Sunday at the devotional, do you know who I found?! Carson S.! I was so excited to see him! He's doing really well too and enjoying the MTC, but he's having a harder time with language than I am because it's that weird Philippine language called "hell-i-gay-non" that's how it's pronounced at least. I also saw Kim again!
Davis and Carson S. at the Sunday devotional.

Going to the Temple for my second time was great, although it was not as exciting as the Los Angeles Temple because it was more crowded and such. In the picture, there's my companion right next to me, and then Elder W. and then rightmost Elder G. They room with us and are really great guys. The three Hermanas we had in our district got their Visas and left to their respective foreign MTCs this monday. It was good to have hermanas in our district for 2 weeks because they set the bar pretty high, and now we are keeping that bar high. For the two weeks that I've been here, I'm already more than half way through the Book of Mormon, and almost done with Alma. I have found a great desire in reading the scriptures here.
Davis, Elder L, Elder W and Elder G.
The weather has been very nice here. It's pretty cool, but not freezing or anything. We had a bit of rain which was awesome, and now Mt. Timpanogous is snow capped; really pretty. I hope it snows before we leave. My companion and I have started talking to one of the real investigators on the campus (Our teachers are our fake investigators) and it's really exciting. She works here, and it's not very hard to understand her, but it is a little bit harder to come up with a response! I'm still not sure if she's a real investigator, because there's a rumor that the investigators here already believe the church is true and just haven't gotten baptized yet or they're new members or whatever. I don't know, it's good practice though.
Where in the world is Davis going?

Have you been getting my letters? (Yes my code is 864) I like writing you guys letters because I have more time to do so and I can make it more personal and such. That's cool that you're making a blog, just don't include really personal things ya know? Also, I guess the shoes I would like would be some slim bark brown or whatever that nice color is (Cordovan?) size 11 1/2. Dad picks good shoes, and the black pair I have right now "The holy shoes" with holes in them are really good! Oh also make a post about dear elder is you haven't already on my facebook, and If you can, change my profile picutre to the pic of my by myself in front of the temple!

Davis at the Provo Temple
There's probably stuff I missed to tell you but I'm short on time. but here are some pictures!

Oh Elder M. Russel Ballard spoke to us last tuesday! did I tell you that in a letter? I think so. Also Yes I'm excited for conference.. Tell dad to look for my companion and Elder G. in the priesthood session


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