Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014 San Nicolas

Sounds like Thanksgiving was fun. for our thanksgiving we ate some cookies!

I got Canadian brass last week. I don´t think Fantasia 2000 is on it, or if it is I can´t find it. I´ve scrolled through all of the songs on that SD card but maybe there are more songs on it? Can you send me the Charlie Brown Christmas music?

This week was an exciting week for O: He got baptized, he became a member and got the Holy Ghost, he became a deacon, he´s going to the temple this saturday! and he moved houses!(still in the ward, pheww)

  Davis looks like a giant in this group.

The baptism was a scramble at the beginning. I let the Brother baptizing him borrow my baptism clothes because he said he was a 32 waist as I am. Well it turns out that 32 waist in mexico is a bit bigger than 32 US! hahaha he had to squeeze into those things, it took a little while but he figured it out. Next, we had Pants for O and told him to bring a white shirt. Well he brought a white shirt...with pokemon on it or something hahahaha. We had to run to a nearby member’s house to borrow a shirt. It was super cool because I felt like James Bond running in a full suit. after we finally got all of the mischief settled, the baptism went smoothly and it was an awesome experience for O.

I´m getting more and more confident with my spanish each day. I have found that when I have confidence, I can say a lot more than I think I can. I have always been outgoing, but for some reason I get nervous to talk to people on buses and trains. Nevertheless, I went on divisions this past wednesday with one of the zone leaders, and I was in his very large area so we had to take a bus to the other side of it. Well, we split up and started contacting the whole bus! Oh goodness at first I was a bit anxious, but the Zone leader told me "It´s not important what anyone thinks, and it´s not important if you mess up. If you fail just try again, that´s how you´re gonna grow and get over this little fear you have." So I just went and talked to people, by myself, with only my knowledge of the language and the faith that I would be able to get enough to help them out in some way. Well it turned out great. I was kind of sweating from the experience but it was a great experience. I´m going to continue to work on talking to people on trains and buses so I can have the 100% outgoing personality that I should have.

Thanks for the recipes mom. We learned how to make some good food at a member´s house last P-day.
Davis is making gorditas.
Tell Thanny to check his email everyweek, especially this week for next week. cuz his Bday and I have some favors for him.

hmmm, I think that´s what I got for you this week. I´ll try to write another letter soon.
It´ll be fun to skype you guys!

I love you!

Davuuuuuuus Garrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnur

just downloaded the 6 canadian brass songs Grandma sent me. tell her  to send more of them. and all of the charlie brown christmas that´s the best.

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