Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22, 2014 San Nicolas

Hey Mom!

Ok, I´ll wear it everyday, even if it´s foggy and rainy. No se preocupe. [In response to Mom’s request for him to wear sunscreen.]

Some quick requests: Can you send me that music that I asked for in the mtc? The stuff like Gimnopedie and bolero and all that stuff? Thanks. Also, can you send me a Moleskine journal, like the one I have now. If you want I can send you a picture of it next week. Its a really good journal but I probably have over 2 months left in it. Actually could you send me two? I write a page every day in my journal. Gracias.

Elder S, E, and Davis

E got baptized yesterday! and President and Hermana Swapp came! It was really awesome and I got to do the baptism! Hahahaha his elbow almost didn´t make it under the water, but I got it under. E bore his testimony at the end and he has changed a lot. I remember when we found him he was a pretty sad guy, but now he´s always happy. Except in the picture hahahahah! I don´t know why but mexicans just don´t smile in their pictures! ah no me importa. 

Hermana and President Swapp, E, Davis, Elder S., and another fellow.
It sounds like the house is gonna be crazy. I´ll be excited to see it. [In response to reports of new home improvement projects.]  I bet you´ll get an iphone 6. I saw one and it´s almost as big as an ipad.[In response to news that Mom’s phone was crushed and will need to be replaced with something way too big.]

Anyway. I AM GOING TO SKYPE YOU AT 4PM PACIFIC TIME. ok? Be ready for that. I don´t know what will happen if it doesn´t work. We are going to skype at the stake president´s house so if it doesn´t work on your side then I could probably use his cell phone or something. I´ll figure it out. I´m going to call Mom first ok, so be ready with that one. If not then Dad´s and then Thannys. I´m excited to talk to you!!

Also, I got your package and letter this Tuesday. Can you tell me again how your lesson went? I like the idea of it and all, That we have to be in the world but not of it. I haven´t opened the presents yet hahahah, Thanks for wrapping them. They wrote what was in the box so I know I got a book, legos, and the other thing was smudged so I guessed Moriancumer, the brother of Jared. hahahahah. [It’s a monocular – small enough to keep in his pocket for spotting birds.]
Vermillion Flycatcher

Oh, I did send a package home with a member who was visiting Texas and he was gonna send it. Tell me when it gets there.

I´ll send some pictures now. See you on Thursday!!! I Love you!

Elder Garner

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