Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29, 2014 San Nicolas


It was really fun to skype you guys! DID YOU HAVE FamilyHomeEvening!? do it tonight tooo please. Es algo que los profetas modernos nos han pedido a hacer, y sé que todos de ustedes van a ser más felices a dentro el hogar si lo hagan.
I´m trying to work out as much as I can. Thanks for the jump rope, this one is better than the one I bought here because It´s heavier and I have to hold my arms out farther, so It´s a better workout.

Davis testing out his new monocular for spotting birds.
Sounds and looks like Utah is really fun as always! Tell grandmas and grandpa that I say buenas!(rarely anyone says hola here, it´s always buenos dias, buenas tardes, buenas noches, or just buenas...sometimes my companion and I play a game where we´ll say buenos dias(good morning) in the afternoon, or buenas tardes at night hahahahaha, and then we´ll see what they reply) I haven´t checked walmart for journals. We got a sweet mission journal from the mission president as a gift though!(still need the moleskine ones though) I´m glad that the gifts got there on time and that you liked them. I´m kind of jealous of nathaniel´s [fixed gear bicycle] tires, I´think I´ll just buy some new type wheels when I get home hahahaha. That would be fun to ride around together.
A new bird guide for Davis - birds of Mexico and Central America.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM AND DAD! and happy new year. On Christmas here in Mexico they just go crazy. The 24th there were just so many fireworks, and most of them sound like gun shots (Some of them may have been gunshots [don´t tell mom that]) hahahaha. No, this is a safe zone that I´m in (Which is why there are a lot of hermanas in this zone)
 I don´t know what will happen on new year´s eve. My comp said that last year they went home early because everyone went crazy. My area is pretty nice though so that might not happen hopefully. I got a couple [local] recipies so far.
Davis with Elder S and the Stake President's son - showing off ties that were gifts from the Stake President.
This week has been a pretty hard week to find new people to teach and such. We lost those 3 investigators (we actually got the couple back just because their son O is super cool, they are kind of on standby though until they decide to get married) and not really any of the people we talked to wanted to talk at all. We had thought that it would be easier to talk to people in this season, especially since all we talk about is Jesus Christ! It wasn´t so however. No matter. One thing that I have learned while reading through the New Testament (Besides that Christ knows who Nathanael is) is that it a privilage to preach and work in his name. One thing that Christ tells the Seventy in Luke 10 is that when someone rejects them, they also reject him(Christ) and his father that sent him. Another thing that I found in Acts was that one of the apostles said(dont remember where) that it is a privilage to be worthy to suffer in the name of Christ. So I just need to remember, whenever we are just being rejected, and persecuted, That the Lord stands right there with us, just as our names are right next to his on our plaques. 
And THIS is why Davis' hair looks like that - The Stake President gave Davis some of his own personal hair product.  Note how shiny his son's hair is.
E was confirmed a member yesterday and is super duper happy! O comes early to church and is just a super good deacon, he might be in 2 nephi now, that´d be cool.

Mom I´m doing Swell! I hope you´re all doing swell! 

Here is your topic for FHE if you need one, this one is easy: John 13: 34-35 (As I have loved you love one another)

Tell everyone else that I´m doing Stellar!(Not Steller as in Steller´s Jay though)

Thanks for the gifts!!!! They´re awesome!

I love you

Elder garner


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